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I lie down, I sleep
When I wake, sustain me
Outkast blast through deception, the tension, your mind collapse
Relapse, the stress of matter, when I shatter like glass
The never seen, the never heard style we bring forth
Can't ignore, the four, ripp'n straight when I take your title
Self, X it out like homicidal
It's vital, to make my flesh be suicidal
We tribal, sing with the Saints, let our spirits fly
Hold down the strong with the power Jah has given I
Break back the chains, release the squeeze off my veins
Empty box, hollow rocks, I knock you out your frame
Shallow grave marks the date, Oh' Babylon the great
Evil virus, be like Cyrus, trample down your gates
We're the ones, the chosen sons
Come out of dark into light, rather fight than run
We came to die for the reasons you put us down
Don't know when, could have then, what's the time, the time is now

I lie down, I sleep
When I wake, sustain me

Ready, attack, bout' to break you down fast like collision
Religion, take you from vision to flashback
In an instant, calculate precise precision
It's vivid, turn your intimidation to timid
I'm in it, count down to self-destruction
That's word to my mother when you suffer the repercussions
Clear the path, it's the wrath coming through
You ain't got what it takes to make me break
Because I'm harder than you
I'm harder than you
You ain't got what it takes

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    General CommentWhy hasn't anyone posted about this song. These guys are fighting for righteousness. Very encouraging to know Christians do not have to be timid. We are to be meek - ie power under restraint. Not timid. I am disapointed itn the false cultural Christianity that leaves out too much of Jesus. Jesus was awesome on earth and is now. He is gentle and kind too, of course. The trend seems to be that he was kind to the down and out and very foward with the religous leaders who were not teaching properly.
    apothneskoon November 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhy does everyone that post something about there songs say it has something to do with god? Im not a beleaver in god.Not going to get brainwashed into that crap.I am a fan of P.O.D most of there lyrics to me have diffrent meanings.Granted some songs have to do with god but not most.Thoes that do i dont play.Simpley because there is no god and thats just another brainwashing song to me.And yes i respect thoes who do beleave there is a god.So dont send me no hate about me and what i beleave in.
    FreakOutOfNatureon May 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe reason for that, Freak, is because it IS about god. Ass. Read the lyrics.

    Also, this band sucks.
    mammothpress.comon May 28, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgo listen to britney,maddona you little natures burden go listen to the meaningless songs of limpbizkit korn or some gay stufff like coldplay
    fan4p.o.don June 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFirst of all, this is one of P.O.D's best songs (almost all of which come from Fundamental Elements). Sonny's style on this song is extremely unique and really unlike anyone i've heard. Freak, i don't know why no one's showin you love homie. I do believe in God and no that P.O.D believes to, which is why people are always postin God related stuff, but that you or anyone else interprets it any different way is one of the many beauties of music. It's open to translation. Take the meaning that makes most sense to you and makes you feel good. However, on the other side, another beauty of music is to take the interpretation that makes you question things and makes you ask yourself the big questions, makes you a little uncomfortable. Consider possibilities. Loose yourself in thought. That's why I love Tool so much cause even though they hate religion (which is separate from God himself), and have some extreme and open ended world views, they make me think more than any other band. If you don't listen to Tool, it's cause you don't get it. Try though. Listen to the words of any music you listen to, listen to the music. let it take you away to places you've never been. Back to P.O.D. though, my favorite all time band because they carry a swagger that i've seen in no one else (except maybe in rap). They no what they stand for and don't give a shit what you think. I'm sure some of the things i take from this song they wanted to get across to people, but at the same time, their take could be totally different than mine. That's why music is beautiful. I also love P.O.D. cause their reaching across musical and religious boundaries that have been set. I love this song.
    souljah20/20on March 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfundamental elements is the best POD album, this song is the best one on the album

    imo of course
    fallofsaoon April 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe chorus is based off of a Psalm, but i can't remember which one. I was actually coming here to see if i could find that out really quick, heh.
    Gammafighteron August 09, 2007   Link

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