"Mute Witness" as written by Steven Morrissey and Clive Langer....
Your poor witness
Crying so loudly on the floor
Oh, well, she's only trying to tell you
What it was that she saw
She is only trying to tell you
What it was that she saw

Now see her standing on the table
With her small arms flailing
And you feel such compassion
In your soul for
Your mute witness
Still testing the strength
Of our patience

Oh, well she's only trying to tell you
What it was that she saw
She is only trying to tell you
What it was that she saw

Now see her pointing to the Frisbee
With a memory so fuzzy
And her silent words
Describing the sight of last night
Four A.M. Northside, Clapham Common
Oh, god, what was she doing there ?
Will she sketch the answer later ?
Well, I will ask her

"Now dry your tears, my dear"
Now see her mime in time so nicely
It would all have been so clear
If only she had never volunteered
"Your taxi is here, my dear"

La, la, la-la...

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"Mute Witness" as written by Steve Morrissey Clive Langer

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Mute Witness song meanings
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    General CommentOften criticised for it's mocking tone towards the 'mute witness' but, as usual, not analysed with the depth that shows it's true colours.
    Obviously, there's been a crime, possibly a murder for the seriousness of the police investigation and the location (Clapham Common) and the only witness is a presumably young mute girl (from the crying on the floor and standing on the table. Not the actions of an adult I'm sure you'll agree).

    The following story seems to flick between a desperate and sympathetic police officer and one who thinks it's a waste of time but the boundary is interestingly blurred into one narrative.
    It's set to such an upbeat tempo and the backing 'La la la-las' are genious.
    It really gets at the desperation.
    'It would all have been so clear'
    It's an open and shut murder case,
    'If only she had never volunteered'
    She's obviously hinted at something much more than what the police assume has happened.
    They let her go in a taxi and the mystery is never solved. We are left feeling as bewildered, puzzled and frustrated as the officer.
    It feels like we're stood on the pavement watching the girl disappear in the taxi.

    This song reminds me of a TV documentary which had a small girl called Madeleine who was a 'selective mute'. She was such a sweet little girl and I've always pictured her as the mute witness in this song!
    mozza_fanon April 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI just love this song! I don't really have any great observations to add; mozza_fan pretty much said it all. I think a young deaf girl who can't speak witnessed a crime, and the police officer can't decide whether to sympathise with her disability or be annoyed that it is hindering the investigation.

    (I could swear that last time I looked at these lyrics there were lots more comments...)
    theribenakidon June 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's indeed about a little girl they try to interrogate. She's the only witness and she can't speak, mute or just too young to be able to talk.

    One person who can't cope with the things they do to make her explain.
    Putting her on the table and she probably crashes down from the table (with her small arms flailing and you feel such compassion in your soul).

    Then she points at a frisbee somewhere in the office, it's a kid.
    What she has been involved in is unclear unless there is something wicked going on at Clapham Commons.
    Quite a sad story. My interpretation ofcourse...
    Duffoon March 24, 2010   Link

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