"Tired" as written by and Rob/yale Thomas....
you been talking for an hour
and I swear to god that I can’t hear a word you say
so would you come to me, come to me
I get caught up in the waves of conversation, they wash over me
and they cover me, they cover me

should I just pack my things and leave
would I be a bigger man if I
I build a wall around your heart, dare you to come in
I can lie to you, and say I didn’t mean it
but hurt’s a funny thing and
it makes you stronger

where all is nothing in moderation
it’s a dirty feeling, it makes you stronger
well I believe I’m just plain tired

there’s a funny way your lip shakes
when I know that you’ve been lying and it touches me,
mmmm....said it comforts me, it comforts me
well I guess I should be satisfied cause you say you love me half the time
well I’ll settle there, we can build from there, build from there

would you be happier if I was only half the man I am
you could shout at me, dare me to come in
I can lie to you, and say I didn’t mean it,
but it really doesn’t matter when you stop to think about it


say the end is coming she don’t even feel it,
it’s a strange sensation, I’m almost happy
well I believe I’m just plain tired
i’m tired


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    General Commenti know mb20 dont release many 'b' sides but this is definatly my fav. although its a re-mix of tabitha's secret 'just plain tired' i think mb20 have captured it in their own way
    i think this song is about someone who's been cheating on their partner and cant decide to tell them of just leave. it seems as if they know they are dong wrong but just dont care hence...'all is nothing in moderation'. anyway, i just wanna say i think this song is awesome!!
    wolverine81on October 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHe knows shes been lying. That something else is going on. She wont tell him. And he's been just brushing it under the rug. He says her lying comforts him, as it shows she loves him enough not to tell him the truth and hurt him.

    All is nothing in moderation, if she only cheats/lies/whatever occasionally its not as big a deal and he can deal with it.

    would you be happier if I was only half the man I am

    If he wasnt honest and stuck with her and was only half the "man" he is

    I can lie to you, and say I didn’t mean it,

    In the same way she lies to him and he knows it. Hes throwing it back in her face.
    frogger1225on October 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwow kick ass song
    i wonder y mb20 didnt release it on any of their albums
    i agree with the 2 guys who have posted it .........theres one line they'd over looked."it dosent really matter if u stop 2 think about it".......its a universal truth, we dont get hurt if we stop thinking, its the technique gr8 saints use.
    for more details about this technique read the book "the power of now - Eckart Tolle"
    aeroshakeelon April 15, 2008   Link

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