Any time tomorrow, I will lie and say I'm fine.
I'll say yes when I mean no.
And anytime tomorrow, the sun will cease to shine.
There's a shadowman who told me so.
Any time tomorrow, the rain will play a part
Of the play I used to know.
Like no other, used to know it all by heart,
But the shadowman inside has let it go.

Oh no, let go of my hand.
Oh no, not now I'm down, my friend.
You came to me anew, or was it me who came to you?

Any time tomorrow, a part of me will die
And a new one will be born.
Any time tomorrow, I'll get sick of asking why,
Sick of all the darkness I have worn.

Any time tomorrow. I will try to do what's right,
Making sense of all I can.
And any time tomorrow, I'll pretend to see the light.
I just might, shadowman…

Oh. here's the sun again.
Isn't it appealing to recline
Get blinded and to go,
Into the light again,
Doesn't it make you sad to see so much love denied?
See nothing but shadowman inside.

Oh no, let go of my hand.
Oh no, not now I'm down my friend.
You came to me a new, or was it me who came to you?

Ooh, if you're coming down to rescue me,
Now'd be perfect.
Please, if you're coming down to rescue me,
Now'd be perfect.
Please, if you're coming down to rescue me,
Now'd be perfect…

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    General CommentFrom my own experience, the "Shadowman" that Gert sings about in this song could, in fact, be himself. Appropriate in a way - the man in his shadow; Shadowman.

    To elaborate a bit further, there are plays of pessimism and optimism in the song - the positive of which showing mainly in the 4th and 5th strophe.
    The Shadowman isn't undesirable at all... The meeting between the two is expressed in the chorus itself. That leads me to think that Shadowman could be a means to fight loneliness. Be it loneliness in heart, or just as well a social loneliness.

    Being single after a broken relationship, with nothing but love denied at every corner... You really come to see but Shadowman inside.
    depletedon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis may be one of those songs that's so personal that no one could ever interpret the intended meaning, but I agree with spiralled - I think it has to do with depression, specifically with trying to keep that aspect of oneself a secret (hidden in the shadows). "I will lie and say I'm fine" and "I'll pretend to see the light" support that. The shadowman is not only the secret but also the dark side of the singer, telling him that the sun will cease to shine. The singer is attempting to be happy and find love, but all he sees is the shadowman inside. "You came to me anew or was it me who came to you" could be read as questioning whether the depression is a disease and therefore separate from the singer or an integral part of him. Just some thoughts. Regardless of what the song is actually about, the words and music are incredibly powerful.
    rkchicagoon March 13, 2013   Link
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    General Commenti THINK the song is about Gert who is the shadow man. In fact when I saw him playing this song live, he was dressed in black and it just came in my head. There was almost no light on him. I think the song is about fame, how it can leave you so alone. i think he's talking about the fact that his sister is much more put in the light than him. But i'm really not sure of that.
    skunkeron March 22, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about depression and how it can shadow your life to the point where you can't even see the good in it. You want to be saved but it seems inevitebly impossible
    ssjprincessburaon April 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think the shadowman represents depression. In that context the song makes a lot of sense to me.
    spiralledon July 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI kind of saw this song as an addiction to heroin. It consumes a person and you begin to lie to others and most of all, yourself. You can try so hard to pull out of it, but the addiction (shadowman?) is too powerful.

    However, I do like the point about it being about depression, spiralled. Re-reading the lyrics with that in mind... I do like that interpretation!
    ewisemanon December 31, 2007   Link

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