The property of a dolphin
The character which we need
They live all in common
And without self-interest
But we kill them to get the cash
Don't you think that is trash?

We respect the cunning of a fox
But our weekend trip is it's death
We hunt them with happiness
And they never get away

We woul like to have
Nine lives of a cat
But we run it over - just once

We envy the birds
They are free what we wish to be
...what we wish to be
But we shoot at them
...we shoot at them

We love them and respect them
We hunt them and we shoot them
We keep them and we feed them
We hunt them and we kill them

Man is just a sly animal
Compare him with all others
And you will see, he couldn't be a friend

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    General CommentI think what the song is saying, is that alot of [worthless]
    people have no respect for other creatures. These people feel that animals are here to serve the human race, and they have no respect for the creature's that they use, and abuse. It is also saying that humans are hypocrates because one moment we could be petting our pet dog and the next killing a deer for sport. The message here, is that we should respect our animal friends, because they bring so much to our lives, and without them the world would be a dreary place.
    Ratgirlon June 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHUMANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Read the last couple lines of the song. Thats what there saying, Humans are just an animal, basically an upright ape. These creatures called humans are often sadistic, and cruel, and they think they are supeor to the other creatures of this world. Humans are obviously cowards [not all of them], becaus they have to use guns, and traps [like a wimp] to kill animals. I'd like to see what would happen to some asshole without his guns and his traps hunting a lion .I'm sure the lion would whack his ass quick.He would show him who's boss! but of course there are very few humans respectfull enough to give the animal a chance to flee. An unarmed creature is no match for a human with a gun that can shoot long distance. Watch your back! Dont let your guard down around humans. You never know what they will do next! Trust me I know!
    Ratgirlon June 11, 2002   Link

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