"I Just Don't Want Coffee" as written by and Derek W. Webb....
Though I am small I've seen things far beyond these city walls
The land is flat and it rolls for miles
I don't know much I know I've many places yet to see
I know I've been here for a while

Wouldn't you know just when I thought I had this figured out
I'm back at my first day at school
Trying not to think too loud I raise my hand to scratch my head
I've no ideas of what to do

'Cause something's changed today
And what it is I just can't say
And if I don't seem okay, well I'm okay


So sue me, sue me, if I just don't want coffee tonight

Back in this coffee house where we just met a week ago
Now we've been friends since we were young
But all our conversations are hitting walls we can't ignore
We can hide but we can't run

And I can't run from you
Or what we've run into
Now regardless what I choose, we both lose

Repeat Chorus

It must be getting late
Where's my head
Where is my head
Where is my head

I still hear you telling me what a big mistake I've made
funny that's what I've been telling you
I can lead a horse to water
You can even make him drink
But you can't change his point of view

Tonight as I was driving home I passed a coffee shop
You know I wrestled with the truth
And how I'd explain to you what you could never understand
And how I'd keep my mind from you

But that's the price I pay
Your way is not my way
Today's another day and it's okay

Repeat Chorus

I think I need some rest
Rest my head, arrest my head
Rest my head, arrest my head
Rest my head, arrest my head

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    General CommentAn awesome awesome song about a relationship that just didn't work out. It's about finally coming to the conclusion that hey, if it is not meant ot be, it just isn't meant to be...you can't force understanding.
    Canarooon March 12, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthis is such a great song, a friend of mine always used to sing the chorus to it, and just from hearing that I couldn't tell how great of a song it was...
    Phrenchornon June 18, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis particular relationship that Derek had, was with a girl he met that worked in a coffee shop and who is/was an atheist. So I hope this explains so many of the things he says in this song. Such as how she could never understand, the big mistake she's made, changing point of view, "Your way is not my way" etc...

    great information for this song and others can be found at:
    reytimon October 10, 2005   Link

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