"Mr. Cab Driver" as written by and Leonard A Kravitz....
Mr. cab driver won't you stop to let me in
Mr. cab driver don't you like my kind of skin
Mr. cab driver you're never gonna win

Mr. cab driver won't stop to pick me up
Mr. cab driver I might need some help
Mr. cab driver only thinks about himself

Mr. cab driver
Mr. cab driver

Mr. cab driver
Mr. cab driver

Mr. cab driver don't like to way I look
He don't like dreads he thinks we're all crooks
Mr. cab driver reads too many story books

Mr. cab driver pass me up with eyes of fire
Mr. cab driver thinks we're all 165'ers
Mr. cab driver fuck you I'm a survivor

Let me in

Mr. cab driver
Mr. cab driver

Mr. cab driver
Mr. cab driver

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"Mr. Cab Driver" as written by Lenny Kravitz


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    General CommentWell this is definatly a song about prejudice, I would think. "Mr. Cabdriver don't like the color of my skin" and "He don't like dreads, he thinks we're all just crooks" seem to prove that, unless there's another meaning I'm not seeing! I'm not sure why he uses the cabdriver in the song. Maybe it's from a personal experience or maybe it's making refernece to New York, who's cabdrivers are well known, and the city has many different types of people living there. Or maybe that's just he threw in!
    Cornerstoneon September 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentLenny Kravitz expresses the frustration of being mistreated simply because of the way he looks. I'm not a big fan of profanity in songs, but I think the F bomb is used very effectively here.
    procktheboaton February 21, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionI find this song kind of...confusing. However it is not because I don't understand what the song is trying to say, I just can't figure out whether the writer is being smart and ironic or they're just a hypocrite.
    I mean it is a guy who got ignored by a cab driver and because of this he states that it was because the cab driver was prejudice and just hates him because of how he looks. However if he got ignored by the driver, that means he had never even talked to the driver, in fact he knows just as much about the cab driver as the cab driver knows about him. He doesn't know why the cab driver didn't pick him up, he just assumes that it is because the cab driver is racist. But he does not know this, for all he knows the cab driver didn't pick him up because him wife was in an accident and he's rushing to the hospital. He doesn't know anything, thus he is also prejudging the cab driver as well, in assuming that he is just a horrible person because he didn't pick him up.
    So this song confuses me because I can't tell whether it's showing people how stupid being prejudice is (by assuming outrageous things about a cab driver who he does not know) or it is just an angry guy assuming another man is prejudice without actually realising that that's exactly the same thing that he himself is doing.
    Tirinzoneon April 12, 2014   Link

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