"A Conspiracy" as written by and Christopher Mark/robinson Robinson....
Did you ever hear
The one about last year
It was all a lie
Ain't it funny how the time flies
What we gonna do baby
What is left for us to prove
I've never stolen nothing, not a thing
Tried to stay away from this year's
Big thing
Ain't as easy as it seems
To find a mutual dream

Can you tell me wrong from right
Do you know when to freeze or take flight
Can you tell me more or less
I got to know-confess

Don't neglect me
Come be my conspiracy
Don't neglect me
Come be my conspiracy

Now you got a question about your answer
Say try your Adam's apple
You talk it try it bite it right
So now you want to fight? OK
Let's step outside
I got tradition in addition
My definition it don't hold me back
Well what you think about that
What you don't understand
This is a very old land

Can you tell me wrong from right
Do you know when to freeze or take flight
Can you tell me more or less
I got to know-confess


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"A Conspiracy" as written by Christopher Mark Robinson Chris Robinson

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    General CommentWHOA! How come noone's said anything about this yet? Rockin song, man! Heavy!!
    Eric_Cartmanon January 31, 2006   Link
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    My OpinionA Conspiracy in itself is more denoting something that is usually deviant or as plotting something sinister. I think in this sence the artst is acting as a perpetual conspiricy theorist: general perception of those who believe in highly fictionalized plots as reality. There is an inner conflict in the singer wondering whether this new "love" is real and looking for her to take the lead into something real while still holding onto the idea that this is still a fake or superficial relationship.
    The deeper meanings about the 2nd verse still escapes me.
    FunkRemedyon February 20, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI liked this song enough to buy "Amorica," and that album turned me into the Crowes fan that I am today!

    Way back when ('91, '92?), I remember MTV News reported a story of Chris Robinson "stealing" a case of beer on tour after the clerk or another shopper stopped him because (s)he recognized him, but couldn't remember his name or the name of the band, so he stormed out. I put stealing in quotes because their report said he left $20 on his way out, which did not cover the price of the beer.

    A direct interpretation of these lyrics may be a challenge because I think they are more evocative than an exact story (the Adam's apple can be Biblical or anatomical, drawing images of going for his throat and simultaneously alluding to the original sin of mankind). The first verse may have been written in reference to that aforementioned news story, and the second verse in particular feels directed to record labels, saying that they know their music better than the labels ("my definition, it don't hold me back") and that their music will be around a long time because it is rooted in music that has been around even longer ("I got tradition, it's an addition" ... "this is a very old land"). Record labels back then were more interested in releasing music that appealed to the widest audience at that moment than promoting artists for who they are (that still rings true today, but it was much harder to be heard without a label in the early '90s).
    PinsNeedleson August 20, 2016   Link

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