"My Morning Song" as written by and Rich S./robinson Robinson....
Dizzy found me last night
Saw some kind of new light
I woke up in a whirlwind
Just you watch my head spin
The spectacle that made you cry
It's a thrill a minute plane ride
It's over time at ring side, no lie

March me down to the seven seas
Bury me with a ruby ring
Kiss me baby on an Easter Sunday day
Make my haze blow away

I hide I seek and I find
Truth in a fable faith in a rhyme
So why you want to bad talk me
Are you surprised by what we see?
Like the tables and the tides turn
On my bed the emperor worn
Is that enough for me, could be

If music got to free your mind
Just let it go cause you never know, you never know
If your rhythm ever falls out of time
You can bring it to me and I will make it alright
And if your soul is let go
Oh you never know, no you never know
And if your heart is beating free
For the very first time it'll be alright

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"My Morning Song" as written by Christopher Mark Robinson Chris Robinson

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    General CommentI wouldn't say this song is specifcally about drugs. Its more about the all encompessing experience of song. "Let music free your mind". This song is about the spirtuallity of music.
    remedy74on July 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with remedy74...this song is about the spirituality of music. This song is incredible live. As one guy said after this song at the most recent Black Crowes concert I attended, "It don't get any better than that".
    Zepfreakon July 19, 2009   Link
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    General Comment......well let the games begin.

    alright i don't what in the world he is talking about (drugs always a likly call with the Crowes) but i love the driving music and any song that ends,' It'll be alright' is alright with me.

    one of their best.
    pton August 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's gotta be about drugs *rolls eyes*

    read the lyrics and use some imagination, not every song is about drugs people
    lzphishheadon May 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI don't think that this song is talking ABOUT drugs at all. Chris has been known to admit that his lyrics are allowed to mean anything to anybody and that he doesn't always write his lyrics to convey a specific message or to re-tell a specific story.

    I will agree that the lyrics can at times be synonymous with the lifestyle and experiences of a user. The song was most likely inspired through the use of drugs and drugs may enhance your listening experience. But I believe this songs speaks of something beyond that world.

    When I listen to this song, the big picture that I get is that the lines that separate us in society CAN BE erased and we ARE allowed to live harmoniously under one ideal (all men are created equal). Don't ask "how" I arrived at that conclusion because I haven't quite figured it out yet myself. I'm only going with my interpretation of the spirit of the song.

    I will post on this again...until then, crank this song up! You may want to crack a few cold ones, do a J, or masturbate with a popsicle in your butt (whatever your pleasure)...at any rate...let yourself go and let this song get to you. LOTS OF GOOD THEMES HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE!
    khjfudon July 17, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a rebirth of the mind and spirit by whatever means. It's a new beginning where you once thought there wasn't one. It's hope in the future where there once wasn't etc...A new perspective on things.
    colemantleon January 09, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningMy Morning Song ist one of the Black Crowes best Rebel Dixie artworks. They make me damn proud to be a Southerner! The Rebel Anthem is encapsulated in Christopher's last verse. The bird writes and sings in Southern Dialect Tongue Beak "If Music has to free your mind/Just let it go/If Rhythm Falls Out of Time/You can and will bring it to me/I will make it alright/If your soul is let go and if your heart beats free/For the very first time/It will be alright!" My Morning song is about music, spirituality and transcendence! I Love the Black Crowes! Straighten Up and Fly Right! Their songs mean everything to me!
    rabbitbunnyon January 15, 2013   Link
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    General CommentOk kids...let's DO this !!! As the Illustrious Mr. Robinson HAS on numerous occaisions said" about what you want it to mean , which in my idiot appraisal is saying if you can't follow the bouncing ball...stfd...stfu...and let the Song tell you what it means! Firstly, these two are geniuses, Chris( if I may take liberties) has stated these songs are ABOUT HIM AND HIS BROTHER.Stop. With that in mind...we go to a mini-portion of that history--" we're brothers , we fight"... This alone should provide a contextural setting for understanding ALL of their music! With that said, one more VITAL piece of really getting to 'meanings' is that they're sons of a preacherman( forgive me Dusty). Now...let's take it apart...verse by pained verse( yes...pain)
    I was higher than giraffe pussy( thanks Matt!)
    I had a flash of intuition
    woke up with ALL kinda new ideas
    that fight( argument?) hurt you
    it's the way shit goes
    we been doing that shit too long
    March me down to the 7 seas( to ME it's a reference to the jewish diaspora...not really sure)
    Bury me with my ruby ring( refers to royalty( who or what I have no idea)
    Kiss me baby on an Easter Sunday day( again, religious backgrounding)
    Make my haze blow away( asking God to clear things up...?)
    I find truth in odd places
    why ya gotta talk shit?
    why does it bother you that we see things you don't
    The way things are,they are
    Yeah, it's a big deal
    maybe I don't need more
    if the music does it for you...let it...different strokes etc.
    if you need me, I'll do my best for you
    if you get into it...who knows?
    if you do get set free, it's all good

    That's the RDV...or it can be about drugs or what not...up to you as Mr. Robinson would allude.
    Now...crack one...smoke one...and play it again,sam!
    Thanks guys...
    d10abr8oron July 14, 2016   Link

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