"Mentobe" as written by and Michael Frederick De Wolf Jarrod Douglas Montague....
Sometimes I just sit back and wonder
What was meant to be learned from that event that occurred
Everything happens for a reason right
I left behind just another tragic lesson in life

An organic rush adrenaline flight
High above the traumatized situation of life
It's ironic, considerate rarity patron of love,
Higher knowledge engulfs me 'cause,

The blast of fate a lesson,
To my eyes concerned and overwhelmed
Theirs were of fear
Yet I'm feelin' so empty inside

And yet it burns so awkward this time
Tears a waterfall of acid cries from his eyes,
I need to recognize,
It's meant to be

He's alive and his cries just begin arisin'
Suprisin' as well...
This little boy proud of helpin' those in need
But he's not me but just maybe he could be,

I can see it now because,
I'm a hero in his eyes temporarily blind
This immature kid a spirit as well an angel,
Hiding by helping and wanting to understand, me

It's somethin' with my pride, lies,
I cannot hide my true side,
And maybe in distress I can still come out laughing that's the way I am...
Am I hard to recognize?

What do I need to realize?
Why can't I see with my own fucking eyes?
What do i need to see?

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"Mentobe" as written by Michael Frederick De Wolf Jarrod Douglas Montague

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    General CommentIt's something about TapRoot's car exploding in some kid's face @ Taco Bell...or something like that...I read it @ a TapRoot fan site.
    billymenke_666on March 10, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI work at Taco Bell, you buffoon!!!!........this song is hella bad......that's all i gotta say about that
    VinDigitalon March 17, 2003   Link
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    General Commentbillymenka you are a jackass. this song is not about a made up bullshit story like that. and that fan site is not a fan site at all if they have bullshit info like that. and you're stupid enough to believe it.
    toolapcon December 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentsounds like the singer is confused about something, and he doesn't know what to do/where to go. back then it seemed like he had everything figured out, but somehow along the way he lost his way and wants to go back ("this little boy proud of helping those in need, but he's not me").

    that's what I get out of it... good song.
    [lowlife]on January 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with lowlife and also would add:

    This song is mostly about the conflicts between the adult ego who has had some bad experiences in his life, conflicting with his own child ego which is completely innocent part of his being.

    In rare moments (it's ironic considerte rarity), both egos are equally connected, and the 'patron of love higher knowledge' the child ego and adult ego working together results in an apiphany of sorts 'a lesson to my eyes concerned' .

    'and overwhelmed theirs were of fear
    and i'm feelin' so empty inside
    and yet it burns so awkwrd this time
    it's something with my pride
    lies i cannot hide my true side
    and maybe in distress
    i can still come out laughing'

    this part makes me think the writer has had some tough shit to deal with in life. yet even when he considers the bad times 'and i'm feelin' so empty inside' and maybe bad things hes done 'it's something with my pride lies i cannot hide my true side' he knows not all of him is bad and laughs it off.

    that's the way i am
    this little boy proud of helping
    those in need
    but he's not me but just maybe he could be
    i can see it now because i am a hero to his eyes
    temporarily blind this immature kid
    a spirit as well an angel hiding
    by helping and wanting to understand me

    In this part he identifies with the child still in him, and all the good he was capable of.'that's the way i am this little boy proud of helping those in need' the part of him that exsisted in his childhood before he learned about the suffering of the world 'temporarily blind this immature kid'. He knows in himself there is a pure and innocent spirit wanting to help 'a spirit as well an angel hiding
    by helping and wanting to understand me', but his adult ego wont let it because its been hurt too many times before 'tears a waterfall of acid cries from his eyes i need to recognize it's meant to be'

    And finally after realising all this you would think he would have the key to solve all his problems? WRONG! this last part is important i think,

    am i hard to recognize what do i need to realize
    why can't i see with my own fuckin' eyes
    what do i need to see
    he admits that it is always easier to solve others problems but not your own

    im not very good with words but this mostly is what i consider this song to be about.
    thirdeyeblindon February 26, 2009   Link

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