"For Real" as written by Adrian Nicholas Matthew Thaws, Larry Muggerud, Rich Keller and Damon J. Blackmon....
You watch too many films
Too many films for real
And something else you take too seriously
Your record deal

A record deal pays bills
Pays bills and feeds a family
And your profile is too big
How ya gonna be a crime family

Too many films for real
You watch too many films, too many films for real

Don't get me wrong, I know you got guns and your not scared to use them
But is there money being made around these guns or lives until you lose them

You watch too many films, films for real
You watch too many films, films for real

Some of those people have to live that life, for real
I don't have to, I got a record deal
For real, you heard, I chill and smoke herb
And how about these sexy singers, sex gods, talking about hitting girls in a turn
You're fantastic, you're super sperm

Yeah, I'm a player hater, I hate when players can't take their turn
And when a record company drops me, that's when I learn
It's not real, it's just passing time
It's not real, all I do is rhyme
It's not real, it's just passing time
All I do, all I do is rhyme

You heard, you heard
"You go Romeo" girls say
You look tall in the video
And the color girl sings

Get money
Get money
Get money
Get money

And no one sings the blues and everyone sings the greens
Someone said keep your eye on the prize
How you lose the dream
Who am I to say, I know you need cash... in this hundred yard dash
I moved awhile ago and past through New York
I'll be back in a minute, it's my turn to talk
For Real, you heard

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    General CommentThis is definatly one of my fav. Tricky songs, the beat and lyrics are very chilling!

    I TRUELY wish someone would post the lyrics for Car Crash if at all possible. Maybe if no one does, i'll actually break down and post them myself ;)
    LadyLuciferon January 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOk I just posted Car Crash myself. Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here? J/K

    And i'd like to edit my 1st post I didn't mean "chilling" as creepy but rather chilling as a tune in which to lounge and listen. (Perhaps "chillin' " is more appropriate ?!)
    LadyLuciferon January 07, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyah its easy to listen to this song hey. very chill, smoke herb.

    that word is spelled copascetic, but not so important.
    keep your eye on the prize.
    but i train my mic.

    anyway, the song's about the phrase 'for real' as used by rappers and the culture around it. the films are probably referring to the white-promoted blaxploitation films of the 70s that started black youth on the road to gangsta subcultures, but might be just blockbuster action films in general. the whole song is trying to minimise the gravity ganstaz give their lifestyle and hip hop, by presenting them as being caught up in their image, which isn't 'real'. 'It's my turn to talk' is the negation of hip hop hype, because all hip hop is is people talking with emphasis.

    'the coloured girls sing' comes from Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side. that's why the song is probably about self-racism, because by making gangsta rap as black as the night, it segregates itself into a corner. anonymous coloured girls singing backup.

    problem is, tricky does the same image thing as the culture he's dissin. this is how i use my mic. and his voice is saturated with the feeling of wanting to be heard, give people an image, this is tricky smirking. you look wise on the video.
    freeter mcbeanon December 27, 2005   Link

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