"Monotone" as written by and Waymon Boone....
Roll over monotone
I've got something to say to you
I can't speak in stereo
And I don't want you to be confused

There's no need to analyze
There's no need to form an affliction
You're so bored and paralyzed
As you're making another excuse

I can't handle it, I'm intolerant
I rip off my shirt and I deal with it
I won't through a fit
I fall flat on my face and I deal with it
Of this one

Collect me monotone
'Cuz I think I'm falling to pieces
I'm so strange, you should've known
While I lick all the salt off these wounds

For this one

I'm hating myself for
I want nothing more
We have such a strange design

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    General CommentNobody's said anything about this one?

    This song kicks ass
    WalrusManon April 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is awesome. Its just so badass. As far as meaning, I think he's exploding at someone and then getting mad for his lack of self control. Then he admits he still likes her or whatever and that they're just weird. Thats my stab.
    spidermilk666on March 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOne of my favorite Splender tunes. :] My thoughts on the song's meaning is that it may actually be an internal dialog of the speaker warring with himself, where perhaps "monotone" is a metaphor for his balanced or stable side.

    As you probably already know a monotone is a single frequency that is unvaried and stable, which for most of us may immediately connotate as something akin to boring or deadpan.

    Given the point-counterpoint style of the way the verses are delivered in the song, I can't help but think the speaker is trying to kick him self out of his "monotone" and either stand up for himself, or to let go and/or explode.

    Ironically, after finally "ripping his shirt off" and dealing with his problem(s) - minus losing control - the speaker finally gives back in to his "monotone" side. I'm guessing he either failed in his endeavor when he fell "flat on [his] face" or after saw through what he was trying to achieve and got hurt in the process and needed to regain his stability.

    The last few lines of the song are the most intriguing to me. I think that perhaps it's a commentary on the duality of human nature..where we can go from crazed to sane in a single instant, and may loathe ourselves for that loss of control or "falling to pieces."

    We really do have "such a strange design" when you think about it. :]

    Either way, my $.02
    orionziteon April 08, 2008   Link

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