"Mrs. Jones" as written by Courtney M Love and Eric T. Erlandson....
Sorry man sorry sorry I've got a bad eye
I shouldn't have, I should've looked at it
I should've looked at it go go away go away
The sugar star the sugar star and the, the abortionist and hey
You want her on the bed with her legs wide open and her eyes all spread

Sky's a narcotic with blackjack bones
Mrs. Jones aww Mrs. Jones aww
Cry me a river but just take me home
Oh, Mrs. Jones aww Mrs. Jones

Sorry man I gotta a gut slit me fucking ran away with my abortionist
My little eye blacked you know gizzed with
The knife they used to gut my face in
It's been out stabbing baby baby angels
Smile smile

The sky's a narcotic with black jack bones
Oh Mrs. Jones please Mrs. Jones my virus is raging
It's breaking my bones oh Mrs. Jones please Mrs. Jones

Die survive I will I will follow you down the sick drain
When I lean on the sink don't worry don't worry don't worry baby
You will you will never stink so bad whoa

Sorry man I'm sorry I shouldn't have looked at it I'm sorry man
You know I night blooming sickle cell your a night blooming sickle cell
Anyway anyway look into the blood root you suicide bitch
It takes an hour like you to make me wanna live

Sorry me I'm sorry man I'm sorry man wow
The skies a narcotic black jack bones oh
Mrs. Jones aww Mrs. Jones
Cute little doggy won't leave me alone
Mrs. Jones please Mrs. Jones
My virus is raging it's breaking my bones oh
Mrs. Jones please Mrs. Jones
Oh cry me a river baby just take me home
Oh Mrs. Jones aww Mrs. Jones

Sister ectoplasma she's incredulous
Just like a pro she takes off her dress
And she kicks you down in her snow white pumps
Just remember it was me who found the lump
Your why your yeah why yeah yeah yeah yeah hey hey
Shit shit yeah you oh yeah yeah yeah shit shit

East is east and west is west and mine was you and
Mine was the best
Yeah east and west is west mine was you and mine was
Mine was all Mrs Jones

Mrs. Jones yeah yeah don't ask me again
Don't ever talk to me like that again

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"Mrs. Jones" as written by Eric T. Erlandson Courtney M Love

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    General CommentAbstract, surrealistic song about a back alley abortion/ a woman dying during the operation
    Nimbieon April 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt's not often you find a tune that good, a song that makes you genuinely cringe with uneasiness and brings you on the verge of nausea because the arrangements, the vocals and the lyrics all perfectly convey the horror of what the song is about. This is art. This is what bloody contractions and gynaecological torture sound like.
    According to Courtney at the time, Mrs Jones is a song about a botched abortion. The vocals are oppressed, panting in places, howling in agony in others. The lyrics are full of references to the sickness and distress of the mother, culminating with her speaking to the foetus as she waits for it to come out her ("Come, slide... I will, I will follow you down the sick drain/ When I lean on…on the sink.../ Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, baby/You will, you will never stink so bad again"). Feverish apologies to a male partner about the anguish caused by the operation (I'm sorry man, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have looked at it, I'm sorry man/ You night blooming sickle cell, you're a night blooming sickle cell/ Carry it away, get it away) alternate with pleas to "Mrs Jones" (possibly the nurse ?) to come and relieve her discomfort. The bridge is a disturbing interlude filled with groans of pain and loud outbursts of desperate swearing. Brrr...
    As the outro gradually brings the chaos to a still, a stern female voice is heard admonishing the main character, still panting from anxiety and shock : "Breathe… Don't ask me again. Don't ever talk to me like that again."

    Masterpiece, ladies and gentlemen. Masterpiece.

    louhotchkisson October 05, 2014   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, it's so insane!

    maybe it's about a girl who was raped and she gets pregnant and has an abortion. maybe an at home abortion. and she kills herself right after.

    i dunno who the fuck mrs. jones is though.
    Debassplayeron January 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is such an awesome song! it's very abstract and a little hard to listen to if you aren't prepared for it. i don't think it's just about any one thing, there are seedy back alley abortionists in it, and women who don't care and sleep with people because they just figure they should and don't get anything about it, and people with cancer and women with cancer in their souls. the woman, mrs. jones, (possible reference to something like "me and mrs. jones?) is a really tough woman and merciless, but at the same time she's not really all there. i don't know... it's a paranoid song, and i get a kind of vibe off it like there's some kind of voodoo going on in it.
    SavPixieon November 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHoly shit, does no one else hear the uncanny resemblance between the first main riff of this song and the main riff on 'Dark Entries' by Bauhaus? I'm a big fan of Hole, but I almost have to say that this song rips off that riff. Could be unintentional though, 'cause it's pretty fucking simple riff, just descending power chords.
    taviangoon January 21, 2011   Link
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    General Commentsome of these lyrics are wrong. but anyway it really hard to tell what the song means. but i do know that she really doesnt like this mrs jones lady
    Katie777on December 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is definetly about abortion.
    grunge girlon March 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about really dodgey back-alley abortions.
    AnnettesGotTheHitson October 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentalso, courtneyu makes a reference to "the virus" women get in her "dirty blonde" book: she says it's the virus queens get, something like feminine ambition. so maybe this is the same one?

    and the "lick up the blood you suicide bitch it takes an hour like you to make me wanna live!" part is fan-f**king-tastic.
    SavPixieon November 13, 2007   Link
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    General Commentit's about an abortion, Mrs. Jones(probably a mother), somethin' in the words of that.
    dark_eyez_666on June 26, 2008   Link

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