She tears the hole up even wider
Lets all the darkness up inside her

Holy, old, yeah, yeah, you're mine
Your everything is mine

Without, without a doubt
Without, without a doubt
Hey, where the fuck were you when my lights went out?

Yeah, you don't want to look at it
Now, yeah, you don't want to look at it
Yeah, you don't want to look at it, woah

Without, without a doubt
C'mon, let me out
Hey, where the fuck were you when my lights went out?

Yeah, you don't want to look at it
No, you don't want to look at me

C'mon let me out
Yeah, c'mon and let me out

And tie a soul to you when your light goes down
Time flies when you're falling down
I spread my rot all over this town

And everyone of you looks the same
And everyone of you feels the same

Lyrics submitted by ShiverForMe, edited by Mellow_Harsher, scottdoesntknow628

Garbage Man song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is about her step dad and her mom's relationship. her stepdad was a garbage man. in the end of their relationship he left and so the lyrics "hey where the fuck were you?!" make sense
    courtneylove4on July 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAhahaha! I'm sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the song, but someone up there in the comments posted in 2006: "...there is a cool video website called"

    I just thought that was hilarious seeing as Youtube has become a cultural phenomenon since.
    pleasebeatme92on May 17, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think that the song is about hanging out with assholes, who basically are just dicks, and you know you're better than them but you still hang out with them . Kind of like "Berry", when she talks about the garbadge man. A lot of girls have this issue at some stage.
    BlushingBrideon January 09, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song was written about her step father,weich was a garbage man when
    he and Courtney's mother met.
    Since Courtney's biological father was accused for giving her drugs he lost he lost his custody over her(Courtney's parents divorced when she was a little girl) and she didn't quite have the normal family until her step
    father came into her life.
    However,when Courtney was 11 he and Courtney's mom divorced weich mentally broke Courtney apart.
    Her dad married another woman who hated Courtney and so he lost contact
    with her weich made her even more depressed.
    After that,she found out that it is extremely hard for her to trust men ever again(everyonde of you looks the same and everyone of you feels the same).
    allturnblackon July 16, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI love this song its quite punk and was from Pretty on the inside album.One of my favourites from it.
    Live_through_fearon February 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyes, tis one of the best on pretty on the inside. its more grungey than their other stuff. i love it
    nimrod_punkon March 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti agree with u guys. it just breathes courtney to me!
    alex_0203on January 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThere is so much passion and raw intensity in her screams. I love it. My favorite off their first album. When I first heard Courtney scream "Hey where the fuck were you when my lights went ouuuuuttt!" I was just hooked. Gotta love Courtney's screams.
    cutebabydollon July 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentawsome song! has anyone seen the video? its rare. but there is a cool video website called
    you can find anything on there it is sweet!
    grunge girlon August 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah this is one of the best songs in my opinion by hole. not much really goes on in the music video, but it's pretty abstract which makes it cool.
    April_Ukotoon April 16, 2007   Link

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