Remember when you heard it, you didn’t think about it
You opened up your ears and listened
Felt it smashing through the pretense, through scabs of inhibition
That the world stitched to your shoulder like a mission
It echoed like lips meeting and it fluctuated violently
Filled your heart and lungs up with redemption
Kind of like an ending but more like a beginning
And even though you’re losing then you’re winning
If you say oh
Remember this forever
All that matters is a song
Singing “I will be with you
Everywhere you go
Every little thing you do
Our love is here to stay
Even when the skies are gray
Even when I’m away
I’ll be with you.”
Now you’re so much older, so mature and insecure
You’ve grown out of yourself and into something else
Oh you crazy rebel tell me is this what you want to be
Would it kill you to be shameless?
If you say oh
Just scream this in defiance from the bottom of your lungs
What ever happened to the rock in roll in your eyes?
Oh I know its somewhere in you underneath the veil of lies
Oh why do you hide them, your rock and roll eyes?
They’re crazy
Eardrums are like elephants, they don’t forget the things they hear
And veins still carry fragments of the things fed to your ear
Let me do the honors and welcome you back to mankind
Just turn on the stereo and unwind
It goes “I will always love you.”
And as for taking it in stride….

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    General Commentthis song is incredible, including the lyrics....fantastic.
    CountMyCrowson December 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about a girl who used to love rock music but grew up and into someone else, but still has the "rock and roll in her eyes". He wants to set free that rock and roll in her eyes to make her fel how she used to. Love the song
    mattz123on December 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commentlyrics = amazing
    best_day_everon June 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's about someone Max cares about deeply and still loves them even though they've changed dramatically. He tells them to just turn on the radio and remember how good it felt before she put on her "veil of lies". Too bad we don't really know if she ever came back.
    Paralesson July 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell, imo it's that he was once in love with a girl. But in the future, she changes into a different person. Even if she DID change, he still loves her like he did before.

    I just love Say Anything's lyrics.
    ginotezon January 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me sad for some reason. D:
    DarthFly0on February 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhen he says the rock & roll in their eyes, i don't think it literally means the music. i think it's the personality & attitude that goes along with the music. so for her to remember how she used to be (with that rock & roll attitude) she has to think back to the music.

    his voice makes me SOOO happy. lol
    saragoesRAWRon October 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI will be with you
    Everywhere you go
    Every little thing you do
    Our love is here to stay
    Even when the skies are gray
    Even when I'm away
    I'll be with you
    sambam471on May 17, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationFirst of all, this song is amazing. My favorite on Baseball (albeit with very stiff competition).

    The way I interpret it is that it's about a girl who had a relationship with the speaker, but they eventually fell apart. The girl embraced a new lifestyle and left the speaker behind, seeing herself as deserving better than what the speaker can offer. The speaker, though, believes she's lying to herself, and asks "would it kill you to be shameless," e.g. have a little humility and embrace what makes you happy (scream this in defiance), despite what others may think. The speaker knows that she's making the wrong decision (I will be with you..our love is here to stay) and that they both know their love was real (eardrums are like elephants..of the things fed to your ear). The 'rock n' roll' in her eyes is a metaphor for the variable, exciting, adventurous relationship/lifestyle she gave up, a metaphor that I think works throughout the song. He invites her "back to mankind" at anytime, meaning she could always come back to him. He's trying to "take it in stride," letting her explore a different lifestyle without him, but hopes she will return and it will be like old times (I will always love you).

    This song always makes me think of my 'One Who Got Away'..for me it's depressing, empowering, and brutally honest all in one. I love it. I even sing the part where Max messes up at 2:18. It makes me just want to walk up to people and ask them if it would kill them to be shameless, just to break them out of their smug little fucking shells. That's how it makes me feel anyway (I did warn you that it was MY interpretation!).

    But anyway, that was my angsty rant. Point is, this song rocks, and the musicianship in terms of lyrics and dynamics shown by it is truly astounding, especially for SA's FIRST album. Incredible song, incredible album, incredible band.
    VanguardVon September 18, 2011   Link

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