"Whistle Down the Wind (For Tom Jans)" as written by and Tom Waits....
I've grown up here now
All of my life
But I dreamed
Someday I'd go
Where blue eyed girls
And red guitars and
Naked rivers flow

I'm not all I thought I'd be
I always stayed around
I've been as far as Mercy and Grand
Frozen to the ground
I can't stay here and I'm scared to leave
(Just kiss me once and then)
I'll go to hell
I might as well
Be whistlin' down the wind

The bus at the corner
The clock's on the wall
Broken windmill
There's no wind at all
I've yelled and I've cursed
If I stay here I'll rust
I'm stuck like a shipwreck
Out here in the dust

Sky is red
And the world is on fire
And the corn is taller than me
And the dog is tied
To a waggon of rain
And the road is wet as the sea
And sometimes the music from a dance
Will carry across the plains
And the places that I'm dreaming of
Do they dream only of me?
There are places where they never sleep
And the circus never ends
So I will take the Marylebone coach
And be whistlin' down the wind
So I will take the Marylebone coach
And be whistlin' down the wind

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Whistle Down the Wind (For Tom Jans) song meanings
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    MemoryExtremely evocative and nostalgic. Reminds me of East of Eden.

    The first eight lines of the last verse just stop me dead, every time.
    azkmon January 30, 2010   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful, beautiful song
    really has that 'going out into the world' feeling
    MardyAsson January 26, 2005   Link
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    My InterpretationTo 'Whistle Down The Wind' is to whistle into the wind in the hope that it will carry the sound to somebody and they will know you are there and will look for you, a bit like an airborne version of a message in a bottle.

    Hence why the title of this song is so apt about a very lonely/isolated man who is stranded in the wilderness on the prairie or dust bowl and how he desperately wants to connect with people or some form of civilization.

    It conjures up images of what happens to Muley Graves after the Joads leave for california in 'The Grapes of Wrath'.
    BarnabyHugheson October 09, 2015   Link

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