"Verse Chorus Verse (Version 2)" as written by and Kurt Cobain....
And if you save yourself,
You will make him happy.
He'll keep you in a jar,
And you'll think you're happy.
He'll give you breather holes,
And you'll think you're happy.
He'll cover you with grass
And you'll think you're happy.

You're in a laundry room.
You're in a laundry room.
The clues they came to you...

And if you cut yourself,
You will think you're happy.
He'll keep you in a jar,
Then you'll make him happy.
He'll give you breather holes,
Then you'll think you're happy.
He'll cover you with grass,
Then you'll think you're happy.

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

And if you fool yourself,
You will make him happy.
He'll keep you in a jar,
Then you'll think you're happy.
He'll give you breather holes,
Then you will seem happy.
You'll wallow in the shit,
Then you'll think you're happy.


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"Verse Chorus Verse" as written by Kurt Cobain


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    General CommentOk, FIRST, let's clear up the title.


    --- Since it was never released, there's no official
    --- title. Nevertheless, Kurt has cave them titles, but
    --- unfortunately for us, this is where it gets
    --- complicated. This song (the lyrics) was originally
    --- titled Verse Chorus Verse. Later on, he decided
    --- to change it since he gave this name to another
    --- song, also known as "in his hands". THUS, this
    --- title is correct for the song, but "Sappy" would be
    --- a bit more exact. The song itself is called Sappy
    --- aka Verse Chorus Verse, No Alternate
    --- (misspelling of "No Alternative"), Make You
    --- Happy, Happy, Happy Hour, Everything And
    --- Nothing, Another Rule, Laundry Room, The
    --- Rocker, Sad [1989 acoustic version of the song],
    --- VCV, Mistero, The Grasshopper. BUT, only Verse
    --- Chorus Verse and Sappy are generally accepted

    -- Ok, now the lyrics

    --- 1) He'll cover you with GRASS. 100% sure
    --- 2) Ok, I read this on other site, and it makes a
    --- bit more sence, instead of "The clue that
    --- came to you" it would be, "The conclusion
    --- came to you". BUT, this one i am NOT stating
    --- as a fact. I just think it's more logical.

    OK, now the real stuff here. This is a VERY VERY BRIEF analysis of the lyrics. I’m doing this now, and I have about 15 minutes.

    First, no it’s not about a relationship, although, poetry is what it is through the eyes of the reader, so I guess it sorta becomes that. However this song is a whole theory/philosophy on what constitute being happy. It’s quite brilliant actually.
    It talks about the illusive nature of happiness in society. How we’re kept within the barrier of an oppressing world like a jail… like a cell... like a... JAR?
    The part about the breathing hole is about compensation. How people will put up with any repression as long at they get the misapprehension of small bit of something in return. For more info on this, read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. It’s referred to in a very explicit manner (probably cuz she doesn’t have Cobain’s genius).
    What next, what next. Ok, the laundry room refers to the monotony of life… People going around still acting the same each and everyday, abiding with this deceptive happiness… never searching for any true emotions. That’s where the phrase “the conclusion came to you” clicks in. He would be stating that this is what we chose; this is what we go with. Thinking about it now, the other line would also be somewhat appropriate, stating referring to his song as the “clue”. Also calling the population clueless… interesting.
    Ok, on last thing… the focus is always on
    “You will make him happy
    Then you'll think you're happy
    Then you will seem happy
    Then you'll think you're happy now”

    Realize how you never really ARE happy? Bingo!

    Shit, I have to go. Wish I could write more. If I decide to do a Ph.D. in philosophy/poetry, I’ll do my 400 pages essay on Nirvana.
    Raging_Pyroon April 30, 2003   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about a relationship the girl cant get herself out of. The guy treats her bad, but she is so dependant on someone that she cant let go. She trys to make herself happy and make her self ignorant of what is really going on.
    I love how Kurt uses the metaphor of how little boys tend to trap insects in jars and then just pays no attention to them after a while.
    I can truly relate to this song.
    Also, isnt it "..And if you cut yourself.." instead of "..And if you guard yourself.."?
    Neon_ballroomon February 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthere are a few different versions of this song and the lyrics are a little different in all of them...... i really dont know what is correct or what isnt........i know kurts song sometimes where way deeper than most people realize.... i dont know what this song is really about but i know kurt had a bunch of turtles that stunk up one of the houses he lived in..... that might be an idea of what this is aobut
    guttersluton April 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's definetely "And if you cut yourself".....
    In Goth We Truston June 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentKurt had a whole lot of animals, when he lived in a flat with Tracy Marander. She couldn't take the "zoosmell" after a while and told him to get rid of some...... i think.
    annion July 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYes, turtles in the bathtub. How awesome. Yes, Neon, that is the metaphor kurt is using, and I thought the same way you did at first. But after hearing Sappy (an earlier, acoustic version of this song) I realized its not about a man-woman relationship, but our relationship with god. We have no relationship, he's our captor, we're in our jar, wallowing in our shit. awesome song.

    It is cut yourself.
    NoseDragonon August 24, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song's called "laundry room"...
    Ballparkfrankon August 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthe God thing makes a lot of sense.

    is the song on the incesticide? Or isn't there an album called verse chorus verse, that he wanted to call i hate myself and want to die but then wasn't allowed to, becuase of his manager? Or is that the in utero.

    fuck, i'm confused.....
    annion August 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis album, i believe, was on a single, and no, its not called laundry room. I heard it on the radio, its verse chorus verse.
    NoseDragonon September 04, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwow. this song is amazing.
    x_cunt_xon September 16, 2002   Link

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