It's Maggie M'Gill, she lived on a hill.
Her daddy got drunk and left her no will
So she went down, down to Tangie Town.
People down there really like to get it on.
Now if you're sad and you're feeling blue
Go out and buy a new pair of shoes
And you go down, down to Tangie Town
The people down there really like to get it on.
Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star
Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star
Mom met dad in the back of a rock and roll car.
Well I'm an old blues man
And I think that you understand
I've been singing the blues ever since the world began.

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    General CommentUnlike in the days of the Troubadour there are only a few songs in our generation about the kind of really great things Magie Mcgill looks like it may be talking about. The music is horse shit and I always change it even though the Doors are one of my few favourites but the lyrics are 'out of this world man, dig? so get it on...' ..that's why I choose this as one of a few Doors songs to comment about. It seems to me to be about Hagia Sophia (the astral realm of wisdom): a Woman gettin herself incarnated and entangled down here in tangent town after an ideal in-dei-an summer. Do you dig it my soul brothers of the crystal ship, are we gettin down into the gravy? It comes down like we at birth and - on another level collectively: here to earth - like in times before when we fell from the crystal ship into the materia. And she, like us, is in her soul kitchen as amnesiacs in the materia. So far it goes according to the gnostics. And this Tangent town...well, we are in a low down mishap sort of earth far from 'Dad' God, who left in the will (ie. God is dead - Nietzsche), so we're the illegitimate sons of a rock n roll star (cosmic processes) consisting of Dad meeting Momma earth in the back of a rock n roll car, stuck eternally rolling/role' a dog without a bone an actor out of/on loan, reoccuring here in the same life under the power of dog star Sirius (the rock n roll star) over our Solar system, 'the world of Twat' as the Egyptians taught in their mystery schools. They were into showing the phenomenal influences of this star as the basis of man's eternal reoccurence, a notion Nietzsche and Morrison were so into...or trying not to be into, dig?... See, if you read bio's about Jimbo you learn he said he was particularly gifted with a vision of the feminine aspect of the greater world beyond this one that we all came from before we incarnated down here, some kind of 3rd heaven, 4th...not 7th, fuck no, not 7th...and therein my brethren, therein, did he come down 'dancing through the midnight worldpool, formless....'friendly stranger(s) came to the gentle reign that falls.' He was a New Soul not an Old Soul as Man-Zar-Ek put it.
    here is a pastiche to show this is a reoccuring theme of Morrison's, us, in this ship of fools and ship of not so much fools, riders on the storm of this Hagia Sophia, prodigal sons among the breeders: 'She has robes and she has monkies, lazy diamond studded flunkies, she has wisdom and knows what to do, she has me and she has you...there's this store where the creatures meet, I wonder what they do in there, summer sunday and a year...I guess I like it fine so far...this is the strangest life I've ever known...woke up this morning and got myself appeared [yeah, he really says that when you listen with headphones]...optical promise, I'll be dead and in hell before I'm born, sure thing: bridesmaid, the only solution...isn't it amazing?...saviour of the human race, natural, terrible child, not your mother's or your father's child (not mother earth's or father heavens...not to touch the earth, not to see the sun...Father I want to kill you: transcend His lower re-productive laws/powers; Mother I want to Fuck you: bring higher world Virility into manifestation here in this low down...this is the true meaning of the two triangles, one pointing up, one down, in the Hebraic - not Yhidd zionist philistine materialists who stole this signa - star of david of the true holy Hebraic Religion...Morrison was found once meditating to bring himself into the right state saying: Kill the Father, Fuck the Mother, Kill the Father, Fuck the Mother)...welcome to the soft parade (like for example his dad being complicit with israel in concocting the gulf of Tonkin that got us into Vietnam, yeah Morrisons dad was the captain of that very ship some are now saying), all our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave, must be something else we save, some how to defend this place (ie. the astral world rather then the material one)...the ancient humans ate brains in the trees of the night...with hunger at her heels, freedom in her eyes, she dances on her knees, fiery red imps at her side, staring, into apollo idols eye (she is below heaven/apollo and above earth/mother, she kneels and forms astral bodies but 'demons/imps' of suggestion by her siddhe keep most of the masses asleep on this level in them) wild child, full of grace...your plu face, your true face'...again: 'not to touch the earth, not to see the sun, house upon the hill...(like a basement on the hill)...the mansion is warm at the top of the hill, rich are the rooms, red are the arms of the chariot chairs and you won't know a thing till you get inside...we should seize the gates by morning, we should be inside the evening sun [sirius], sun, sun, burn, burn, burn, seven souled son mourn moan moan, I will get you (make it out of reoccurence)...under lucia with fields full of brain, I have to see you again and again...a thousand gills, a thousand thrills a million ways to spend your time (listen close with headphones, he says all this)...*when we get back* ...I'll drop a line (ie. he will bring us up into it again in our reoccuring times with Morrison in it)...because the crystal ship is being filled (Hagia Sophia)...'please believe me, the river told me..breathe under water to the end'..'follow me across the sea where milkie babies seem to be molded flowing revelry with the one who set them free.'
    See, fuck about every Christian more or less cause they almost all forgot Christ taught them one greater then him, a Para...Clete, would come and lead all into not just 'a little savin truth' (bullshit faith) but 'ALL TRUTH.' And there is the possibility of doing even greater things then him he said from within this Spirit, this para-clete, this Hagia Sophia. This rather is the Holy Spirit and as Jim Morrison said 'I'm the most illegitimate bastard saint whore of Christianity that Christianity has ever seen' cause he was in Her speaking ex cathedra, not he but the one in him who is greater. And in his song on the city of Angels ('another lost angel in the city of night') he says 'cops and cons in topless (mindless) bars, never saw a woman so alone.' Morrison was a primordial seer amoeba floating on the brains of idiots through miss Hagia Sophia (The Holy Spirit) that he lived in and manifested, and defended; he was a high man who knows/gnos. listen close...speak in secret alpha-bets...on all these songs, especially his rendition of Gloria, he really says all these words, enunciates them like that, cele-brates such a life as one of the Lords of New Creation. I have special headphones that can hear these things, very, ver, special headphones... : )...ah, it's getting hard to describe sailors to the underbed. But here it goes:

    (see my interpretations soon of Descend by Kurt Cobain and Alabama by Niel Young as a compliment to this, same theme they deal with).

    Miss Maggie M'Gillm
    [not sure yet why he pronounces the end of it with an 'm.' but basically: Gill...'breath under water till the end'...'a thousand gills'...Spirit means breathe in ancient language and is what manifests when we come alive in the world of Hagia Sophia, the soul kitchen, the astral world, the ethereal sea above this sea of materia.]

    She lived on a Hymn/Hill
    [he sneaks in the word Hymn if you listen with headphones and he might be saying Hymen....the ironic name for what perpetuates high men to be low men in this low down world so to speak...'I've been down so God Damned long it seems like up to me'...unless you know what you are doing with sexual influence it is always knocking you back to sleep and down the tree of life/the ray of creation/the logos/the Hymn.]

    Her Daddy got drunk and left in the will
    [God is far from this shit hole, His will is far and downgraded by the time it gets here, all drunk up, drunk...just bits and pieces left in the will and those pieces are us.]

    So she went down, down to tangent town
    [incarnation...eternal reoccurrence here in the transitory world of generation where people forget themselves...'the hostess is grinning, her guests sleep from sinning, when we talk of sine then you know...this is it.' 'Some are born to Swine delight, some are born to the Endless Night: take a journey to the bright midnight.']

    Cause people down there really like to...'get it on'
    [incarnate...but notice how he says 'get it on' in contempt...he means people actually 'like' to get embroiled in samsara desires here, revenge, amore, placidity, indifference etc. and stay on and stay fuckin stuck, they say 'bring it on' and they 'get it on' with each other quick before they stopped to reflect in youth.]

    Now if your sad and feeling blue, go out and buy a brand new pair of shoes and...
    [if you fail/fall in this life by becoming *more* addicted to negative emotions=the blues then when you started, you buy a brand new reoccurence, 'pair of shoes', that same old role of yours to walk in, and get stuck even more in in eternal reoccurence like some piece of fuckin furniture in the same damn theater prop room over and over trapsing around.]

    You go down, down to tangent town
    Cause people down there really like to get it on...yeah

    illegitimate son of a rock n roll star
    illegitimate son of a rock n roll storm
    [its sad. he is speaking of us, of earth, how it is a shit hole down here far away from the center of the holy cosmos, formed by rocks storming together by accident and we are exemplars of such fine specimen: illegitimate. if you listen close he does say storm on the second one. We are stuck in the material world which is illusory compared to the higher more vivid astral ones and this is perpetuated by kharmic war cycles we got stuck in wrong under the tri-fold sirius black star working in-fluence upon and in us unharmoniously because of our unharmonious psychic education we perpetuate here on earth that fills the kids with unfunctioning and balderdash buffers so they can't operate with cosmic influences rightly but just turn it into petty revenge and reproductive tendencies: illegitimate sons of a rock n roll star.]

    mom met dad in the back of a rock n roll car/con
    [again, where we are in the cosmos. listen close, he says 'con' on purpose. See there was an accidental comet coming from the center of the cosmos (and, yeah, Zacharias Stichin guesses a little right cause he read the ancient texts himself about this) that was said in archaic times to have hit earth and prematurely popped out of it its wanton moon that sucks all life out of earth prematurely keeping it from being able to resurrect as it should and as transcendently happens on other planets. The name of this comet was Con-door it was said. Con is the old world for localized power/ means we are susceptible to being cuckolded into dehumanizing states and of betraying humanity and becoming dehumanized when we also cuckold other humans for beastial gain just how they did to us...a holy man avoids war, being cuckolded or cuckolding and all such 'teach you a lessonism' bullshit that education on earth is really a hazing to get you into being adept at while almost being a meticulous deconstruction, in full anti-outline, of Lady Wisdom. The Shaman avoids this and so he learns all about the world of power in a tri-fold way rather then in a trifling way.]

    well I'm an old blues man and I think that you understand
    [he speaks of himself as the blue man, an alien with an alien perspective, like Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson, a being of 'long standing'...if you think I'm imagining this, read the next line]

    I've been singin the blues ever since the world began
    maggie maggie mag gill
    roll a role on maggie mag gill
    [get yourself incarnated into a role you get lost in again he says condescendingly somewhat to us who are not choosing to be old blues men like he did at some point in his eternal reoccurence here...he choose to wake up from the furniture and play a *conscious role* left in the will a little still down here. Maggie means Magus and Mcgill: the Magna (great) Gill, ie. the astral world. See Castenada, who he was friends with and was making plans with to get his book into a movie, he teaches about the world of power, of will, above the material breeders consensual reality here. He speaks of it as a woman. So does Proclus, the last teacher of the 1,000 year old school of Neo-platonic Pythagorean School who was shut down by fake/popularist Christians. It is feminine because Goodness is higher in the cosmos then Power and so Power is effeminate in that it plays a secondary role to masculine Goodness. Goodness though is more removed from our earth then Lady Power who is so close to it and so you can feel the effect of power more then you can of goodness here...think of that next time you see some jackass corporate buff robber baron guy that seems so masculine and tearing up the world in intrigue and has all the power...actually they are the most effeminate though people are too blind to see this because one must travel through such an effeminate duplicitious calculative world of power as a man conquering it with masculine honesty and honour and resolve to even begin to catch a glimmer of real goodness and who does that uncompromised, really, and not just as some token breeder today? Everybodies dying just to get the disease and you will be killed in this day and age if you honestly defend something worth saving in us: the astral world before a laughing idiot republic, so bewear...hah, hah, hah.]

    Commagene12on July 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIsn't this a song Jim wrote to his unborn child (who ended up being aborted?) His unborn child is Maggie M'Gill and he is the daddy who got drunk. I remember reading this somewhere.

    Incidently, I believe this is the only song that Ray Manzarek plays guitar on. He supposedly knew only one riff on the guitar...and this song uses it. Great riff as well.
    jersey73on October 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe guitar riff highly Australian Crawl for their "Boys Light Up" hit song.
    chrisb1on February 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe guitar riff highly Australian Crawl for their "Boys Light Up" hit song.
    chrisb1on February 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe guitar riff highly influenced Australian Crawl for their "Boys Light Up" hit song.
    chrisb1on February 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this song's about a prostitute
    phasetransitionon July 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthe improved this at the really bad michigam state u concert and ray started jamming on robbies guitar
    orboknownon March 31, 2010   Link

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