Verse 1:
man check it out, its da one and only,
you betta back up b*, you don't want any.
cuz its me, bruno and i'm rappin' this s*,
like i said, you don't want any of this.
imma step on you, then stomp on you,
then piss on you, finally s* on you.
cuz i said it and no one will stop it,
cuz i'm bruno, B-R-U-N man f* it.

yo, guess what? i'm back wit new talent,
his names bruno, you man just tell them.
yo, i'm from the belvi, and i'm going platium,
when you girls see me, you gun' want sum.
you probaly wondering if i'm a lover or a fighter,
wit my bad boy backround, i'm a f* fighter
yo, after this song you won't want any,
cuz he's the ghetto child and he's taking over this s*.

Verse 2:
hey, you 1st class s* might have the cash and the gold,
man fuck you all, all thats s* gettin' old.
i'm coming in this world wit new s* to rap,
so don't worry bout' me rapping crap.
cuz i got A.K.A. and we'll win them all,
but theres nuttin more low than breakin' da law.
man f* the law, i hate that s*, come arrest me, come on try,
cuz i'm representin' ghetto style representin' till' i die.

Hook 1x's:

Verse 3 (AznKonRtist):
hey yo, here i go again, this time teaming wit bruno,
there is no difference except he raps better,
better? better than all ya'll out there,
you want some, come get some, theres plenty right here.
yo, this world will change when you hear this song,
cuz you'll have no choice but to go along.
he will bust you, so don't step up,
but if you do, man f* you chump.
you won't be here any longer,
cuz after bruno's done, your gunna wonder,
why you stepped up to him and tried,
cuz he takes no prisoners when he's high.
yo, he can get his smoke on, get his mack on,
get his drink on, cuz this tracks goin' platium.
after all this s*, he will be drunk, he will be wild,
yo, he can do anything cuz he's da ghetto child.
Verse 4:
you heard da A.K.A. he'll go f* wild.
man, i'll start my own s*, i'm da ghetto child.
i'm going east, n*, i'm going west, n*,
f* this, it doesn't matter, cuz i'm da best, n*,
yo wassup girls, won't you back that ass up,
cuz i got da cash i'll get in your kurupt.
me and A.K.A. has form a powerful bond,
cuz i'm portuguese, and i'm representin' da way i want.

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