Verse 1
yo, check it out, i'm da new kid around,
i got my own s*, why should this muthaf* clown around.
i been doing this and doin that
im f* hella busy this n* can't chat.
check it, imma be da first asian rapper to grace this muthaf*,
i hate those f* prep b* and them 1st class s*.
i say what i say and no one is gunna stop me,
cuz im here and in charge, yo what is it you call me

its da A-Z-N-K-O-N what,
asian kon let me hear you finish it up,
R-T-I-S-T whats it spell,
AZNKONRTIST right from the depths of hell.
i'm here in charge wit no regards,
for all you s*, you gettin' this part.
i'm here representin' takin' over this s*,
yo, what is it? aznkonrtist.

Verse 2:
yo, imma tell you right now, i ain't playin' no games,
i hate boy/girl bands they all f* lame
for a little kid, i knoe how to get my mack on,
all da girls da got my mack always thought they won.
imma do a number that no one won't forget,
you think im kiddin, yo f* make a bet,
yeah thats what i thought you m* just got punked out,
because i'm da AznKonRtist, yo spell it out.

Hook 1's

(Myles )
Verse 3:
yo check it out, all hail da king,
hell yeah i rap f* all that singin'
dats right i'm kid that everyone's talking about,
i knoe i'm popular no need to shout.
i hear you, i knoe i'm da best,
i'm checkin in and out east and west,
hold on, did you hear sumthing?
na....thats just me rappin'
i told you i was gunna be a hit,
punkin' out all dem stupid b*
i'm a belviderian, na i ain't a prep,
you don't knoe me n*, back up a step.
me and A.K.A. together for the first time,
we're better than britney and nsync combined.
like i said, we're even way betta than backstreet boys,
so then your gunna choose us, now what a good choice.
on this stage i might sound conceided,
don't worry, its my job, its kool, don't sweat it.
i'm just being myself while rapping this song,
just listen to it, it won't take long.
your probaly askin' why no rap name?
i need a rap name, i don't play that game.
what n*? you tryin' to start wit me,
what n*? i'll kick your a*, man back up please.
what n*?...imma show how its done,
what n*?...imma show how to have fun.
do u think you knoe me?...hell no n*, you don't know me at all,
don't start wit me, i'll kill you, i warned you, i ain't taking the fall.
still i see you lookin at me, wishing you could be, just as good as me,
but its just to bad to see you just can't be, a big star like me.
imma show you how these muthaf* ride,
from the north, to the south, to the east, to the westside.

Verse 4:
wassup n*, im back on da mic,
if you don't like this music, take a f* hike,
cuz i stand you b*, just standin here,
waiting for that wish, that you were betta then this.
i knoe u standin' out there waiting for this,
standing there wit your candles lit,wit your hands wit sweat
but you can do nuttin' but listen to it,
so don't try to be, cuz you'll never beat.
so back up a step and watch da master do his magic,
cuz i'm here to late can't stop the static.
i'm just a rapper waiting foe my turn,
and when the turn comes, watch the other n*, see them burn.
its da A-Z-N-K-O-N what,
asian kon let me hear you finish it up,
R-T-I-S-T whats it spell,
AZNKONRTIST right from the depths of hell.

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