"Untitled" as written by and Greg/nehra Giampa....
She takes it deep to the heart right from the start she
Talks softly over a glass of wine.
Now and again she's more than a friend,
Why don't You just throw me that line.
It would be great if she'd dedicate just a minute from Her precious time.
I'll give it a while, but that's not my style, how is That a crime?
Everyone says that I'm wild.
Pardon my French but I still know my child.
And that was the day I told her I needed some time.
Well I began walking when she was still talking I'm Looking for that exit sign.
Pardon my face but I'm leaving no trace cause I Really haven't got the time.
Well I began thinking and my heart is just sinking
And I'm looking for that place to go.
Isn't it sad that she'll treat you so bad,
But you never really Let her know.
And everyone says that she's crying.
But I can't forget all the time I spent trying.
And that's the day I told her I needed some time I know,
I know what it feels like to be alone.
I know, I know what it feels like to be at home.
I like, I like stopping to say hello.
It's my life, my life why can't we take this slow?
Why can't we take this slow?
Well I've been through these phases,
I've walked Through these mazes.
I'm sick and I'm little tired.
It sure isn't fair but I'm not aware of the patience that's required
If I could have kissed her every time that I missed Her
I still would be out the door.
But now and again, I sure need a friend now isn't that What she's for?
And everyone says that I'm lying,
But I can't forget all the times she spent crying.
And that was the day I told her I needed some time.
I know, I know what it feels like to be alone.
I know, I know what it feels like to be at home.
I like, I like stopping to say hello.
It's my life, my life why can't we take this slow?
Baby take it slow? It's my life. My life.
Why can't we take it slow? Baby takes it slow

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"Untitled" as written by Richard Joe On Marc Andrew Roberge


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    General CommentThis is the first song that I heard by OAR and now everytime I hear it I think of my friend Brett because he's the one who got me started listening to them. Thanks hun!! It's even better live!!!!!!
    Doodleon April 13, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think the song is more sensitive than some people may see it, about the whole friends with benefits situation and someone gets slightly more attached than the other..i feel the situation in particular was one in which the guy and girl had already gone out but continued to hookup..the guy/singer enjoys the attention and values the girl being there..but still wants to have fun and get shit out of his system..yet he can't help if that hurts her..you can tell he cares from the line:
    "If I could have kissed her every time that I missed her I wouldn't be out the door" (the lyrics posted are wrong)
    ..basically, its the story of adolescence and most highschool relationships carried on through college..the girl and a relationship with her is probably what he wants in the future...just not right now
    youknowon January 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a guy who has been giving a girl all he has to offer, and shes given him nothing in return. The girl finally realizes who much he means to her, but by that point he has been strung along for such a long time that he has grown tired of her game, which is why he tells her that he needs some time.

    The first verse describes the tone of the relationship, where she only wants to be "more than a friend" "now and again" but he wants to be with her, and asks her to throw him a line. He also says that he'll wait a while, but it's not in him to wait forever.

    The second verse is the time when she decides she needs him in her life, but he has heard all her lines before, and as soon as she starts to talk he begins looking for a way to avoid getting involved with her again because he has already given her enough.

    The third verse is basically him saying that he's been through all this with her before, and while he knows it isn't fair, he also remembers all the times he missed her and she wasn't there for him.

    The choruses of the song are a slow progression in his decision of whether to take her back. At first everyone had just assumed he would, and they call him crazy for not taking her back. Then people start telling him about all the time she spends crying, but he thinks about all the time that he spent trying. In the end, he still hasn't decided whether he is going to let her back into his life, instead deciding that he wants to live his life and take the time to figure out if she really does love him.
    0rangeSodaon July 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the song unwraps like a story.

    The first verse, they have a conversation about their relationship where he tells her what he thinks. They're occasionally more than friends, and he wants her to commit. He'll give her some time to think about it, but he won't wait forever.

    In the bridge, all his friends think he's crazy to be in the situation, but he makes it clear that he's not. Then he makes the decision to step away.

    The second verse, they have another conversation where she tells him she's not ready yet. It's not clear whether she wants more time or doesn't want to commit. He leaves while trying to keep his composure. He's trying to find somewhere to recover from all this. He then laments about her stringing him along as treating him badly, but he would never tell her that.

    In the bridge, all their friends tell him how upset she is, but it's hard for him to care since he spent so much time trying to make it work. Then he keeps to the decision of stepping away.

    The third verse, I don't think they have stopped talking. He basically tells her when they talk that he understands the loneliness and being at home (since after all she is upset about this all). He then admits even though he needs time away he enjoys occasionally talking to her. I think his plea for taking it slow contrasts with the now and then nature of their relationship. He wants it to move slow instead of like a rollercoaster. He declares it's his life as well because he feels like she's not considering how he feels during their now then relationship. (Basically, screaming at her, "What about me?")

    The fourth verse is basically him pouring his heart out... to his friends, to her, to everyone who is listening. He's dealt with all the phases of the relationship. He's found his way through all the mazes in his life that it has created, but he's just sick and tired of it. He acknowledges that the situation might not be fair to her or him... for him to demand an answer or for her to string him along, but he's just incapable of being patient any longer. He also confesses that if he could just have kissed her whenever he missed her during their now and then relationship that he wouldn't be so ready to leave her behind.

    The last bridge, he feels like no one believes his side of the story. They previously thought he was crazy for attempting something with her, so they don't believe the good he sees in her. Which is why he says he can't forget all the time she spent crying because he knows from the crying that he meant something to her.

    The repeat of the third verse is again addressed to her. Eventhough he's made the decision to walk away and be alone, he can't help but stopping to talk to her from time to time. He's still pleading for her take it slow.

    Basically, it's a boy losing patience with an indecisive girl. His friends think he's nuts for pursuing her. Despite her tears, they don't see understand his perspective. He's made up his mind to walk away and take some time, but because her crying let him know that she cared. He can't help but to talk to her every once in awhile and still plead for her to be with him.
    jiminycricketon May 29, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe best written song by THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. this song is incredibly personal, but for some reason almost everyone can relate to it in some way. it is a shame so few people have heard this song, and experienced what oar can do to you
    ryne74on April 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI absoutly love this song.
    osubuckeye4on June 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyeah i feel yall, but yall have got to agree the version on soul's aflame is just so much better, i really kinda dont like risen, but soul's aflame and the wanderer are just incredible, but risen i hafta say theyve gotten a little toooooo pop for my taste, hopefully theyll return with some jams from their roots, any newer version you hear on risen, isnt nearly as incpedible as the versions on souls aflame, but.. what are you gunna do, SUPPORT OAR!!! go see em live, its quite a show, thats about all for now jah, peace jah, jah jah jah
    cosmicphishon June 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this is a great song all together, I love both versions, the second version is just less raw, but souls aflame is less raw, they have the sax player in it which gives it a fuller sound. Both versions kick ass.
    boggles05on June 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentcorrection: risen is less raw
    boggles05on June 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is my 2nd fav. oar song next to crazy game. i agree that the souls aflame version is a lot better than risen but its all good live. if anybody wants to know what some of thier songs mean, they have a double cd live album that came out about 2 months ago and the booklet in it explains what each song is about. its pretty cool
    JBrewon July 01, 2002   Link

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