"Else" as written by and Doug Martsch....
Finally I don't mind
Worthless tries at finding something else

Best not talk too loud
You're not as smart as you require of them

Your body breaks
Your needs consume you
And with this lies the need to be here

Funny thing with blood
You try to stand but neither leg's awake

Just this side of love
Is where you'll find the confidence
Not to continue

Your body breaks
Your needs consume you
And with this lies the need to be here

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"Else" as written by Doug Martsch

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    General CommentI don't think this song is supposed to be a downer like everyone is saying it is.

    Its theme is actually very inspirational and epiphenal. It's saying, like one other poster mentioned, how questing after the bigger questions like "what is the meaning of all this? of life? of love? of (whatever)?" really are besides the point.

    The song is basically telling all of those depressed french philosophers and kids experiencing existential angst to chill out. Quit searching for "something else" when what matters is the present: the people you love, your friends, your family, your lovers.

    Acknowledge that what we have is fleeting, transient, and ephemeral. Given that, treasure your what you have rather than asking why you have it or what it means.

    The last line, "Just this side of love / Is where you'll find the confidence not to continue" isn't sad, it's inspirational! it's saying that in love, in living life viscerally and intensely, you will see how unnecessary it is to come up with a meaning of life. The meaning of life, Doug suggests, is "just this side of love" and not anything "else".
    eagle-bearon December 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commentstop looking for love. it's useless. finally, he knows if he looks, he won't find it. it'll find him, as depressing as it is. he may never find it.
    EmoKiddieon March 06, 2003   Link
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    MemoryI get this song because it's exactly how I am with relationships.
    I finally don't mind that I never feel the same about people in relationships as they do about me, and in the end I get lonely and give in and need some lovin', we all do this, or will at some time, I assure you. After everything is done, we try to get up, but we've been lying there so long, and alas, something has fallen asleep. Intoxicated too sometimes, somehow when this happens, making it hard as well.
    And just this side of love, on the other side of caring and wanting and needing each other, and on the side of using each other, like machines, so some level doesn't get too low, so we recharge each other's spark every now and then, we decide to end it.

    Always this way. Always.
    In some way or another.

    I needed to share this.
    umm.kaitlinon February 09, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so hard to... find the meaning.. I kind of thought this song was about kinda being content with what you have, and kind of realizing your own faults and not demanding too much other people when you're just the same.
    XxJesxXon June 20, 2002   Link
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    General Commentalovelyfadeout, you have the soul of a poet: "this song isn't necessarily pessimistic, aparthetic[sic], or optimistic but rather a feeling of comfort and acceptance." Beautiful, and- I think- accurate description.
    CriticsAreRavingon July 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe music to this song is brilliant. The interaction of the guitars during the final act is wonderful.
    A_Raging_Bullon June 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentStop searching for Something "Else", because the beauty of life and reality are overwhelming enough to consume your thoughts.
    Alyosha19on February 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is absolutely beautiful and brilliant. As others have said, this song is about realizing that there is no meaning, and searching for it is useless.

    "Your body breaks / Your needs consume you forever / And with this lies the need to be here together"

    Don't waste time on appearance and/or perfect health. Your body is only temporary, and we all will look like shit eventually. Don't become obsessed with material possessions either, since greed is an endless, slippery slope that never leads to happiness. The only true way to find real happiness is to care about the people around you, do your best for yourself and them, and never become trapped by societal restrictions or norms. There isn't a purpose, we all break down and die eventually, and it's perfectly okay. Just enjoy life and the people around you, and go wherever the journey takes you.
    builttospilton May 27, 2015   Link
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    General CommentWhat does it mean???? I love this song and its ambiguity but would like to know what it means to others...The end instrumental thrash is the best bit though.
    Lemonheadon April 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm still not totally sure what this song means either, but I love it...it's one of those songs that when you listen to it, no matter what's going on, you just know it's eventually going to turn out ok in the end...:)
    lindyswingsteron June 20, 2002   Link

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