"Screaming Skull" as written by Kim Gordon, Lee M. Ranaldo, Steven Jay Shelley, Thurston Joseph Moore and David Markey....
SST, superstore
Society, Screaming Skull
Lemonheads, superstore
Society, SST
I'd go there, I don't care
I'll go there, it's just to stare
Let's go there, it's just it's fair
I'll go there, Pat Smear

Superchunk, Society
Sunset Strip, Screaming Skull
Society, Husker do
Lemonheads, SST
I'd go there, but I don't care
I'll go there, it's just to stare
Let's go there, Sister's there
I'll go there, Pat Fear

Society, superstore
SST, Lemonheads
Sunset strip, society
Screaming skull, Husker do
I'd go there, but I don't care
I'll go there, it's just to stare
Let's go there, it's just it's fair
I'll go there, Pat Smear

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"Screaming Skull" as written by Kim Gordon David Markey

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    General CommentApparently, Thurston wrote this song after visiting the SST Records Superstore on the Sunset Strip. SST was SY's former record label (and the Lemonheads' and Husker Du's) but the band and the label split acrimoniously when the Youth left for Geffen Records. SST used to be staunchly "indie" and resolutely against anything which smacked of corporate sellout or major label-ism, yet ended up opening a Virgin-type megastore in L.A. by the mid-90s and turning into a parody of "major label" terrors, without the big sales. To Sonic Youth, who were able to maintain their indepedence despite being on a major label, this must have been delicious poetic justice.
    owennnnnnnnnnon June 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's either about stuff they dislike, stuff they like, or a summary of random parts of their life.
    eatmychildon January 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSeems like it's just an indy music montage. Lot's of music-related names (Pat Smear, Husker Du, SST, Lemonheads, etc.), There's probably other stuff I just don't recognize. Sister was the name of a previous album of theirs. Could be a lot of stuff, but probably just a bunch of music-themed stuff that fit together.
    acousticrock87on March 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah. owennnnnnnn's got it right.
    metalmouthon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI have to agree with owennnnnnnnnn on this one. This was definitely poetic justice, since Sonic Youth was formerly on SST.
    rimiskaon June 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. its my favorite Sonic Youth.
    toomanyhumanson August 29, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningIn 1986's super-hero comic "Watchmen" one of the characters, Nite Owl I, mentions an old super-villian named "Screaming Skull" who has reformed: "found Jesus, got married and had two kids".

    It sounds as a metaphor for an organization which has radically changed due to external factors of social evolution. Could there be a connection there? Or is it just a major coincidence?
    Alienoon November 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about nostalgia for their indie days, particularly the couple of years they spent on SST Records. They had survived their indie years, signed to a major label, got a gold record (1992's Dirty), but somehow they missed the salad days.

    In 1992, SST opened up the "SST Superstore" on Sunset Boulevard in LA. To attract business, punk legend Pat Smear (formerly of Germs, and later of Nirvana of Foo Fighters) worked the counter. Hence, the lyrics about SST Superstore, and "I'll go there/for Pat Smear."

    Screaming Skull and Husker Du are two bands who put out records on SST, along with Sonic Youth. Superchunk never put out anything on SST (they were on Matador and their own label, the equally legendary Merge), but it's a cool indie shout-out anyway.

    While their years on a major certainly treated them well, I imagine they are happy to be back on an indie, with their first album for Matador coming out in June 2009.
    leamancon May 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSince the admins think I'm BOOW-SHIT, here's the lyrics to the "Rap Damage" version:

    That's right!
    Fuckin' Greg G
    Suckin' on a big D
    Damn straight baby!
    Motherfuckin' major label corporate fuckin' weasels and shit
    Suckin' on a big D
    That's right!
    All y'all!
    All ya fuckin' sell-out bullshit motherfuckin'
    Rock n' roll suck-ass assholes
    Suckin' on a big D
    That's right!
    I ain't fuckin' around this time
    Even though my fuckin microphone is fucked up n' shit
    I don't care
    Cuz all you fuckin' motherfuckers out there
    Tryin' to fuckin' be Foreigner
    Styx..motherfuckin' Genesis and shit
    Y'all can go suck on a big D
    I ain't fuckin' kiddin' either!
    I'll go out and kick your fuckin' ass!
    That's right!
    I'm the bad motherfucker on the motherfuckin' mic
    Tellin' all y'all
    All you major label corporate ass kissin' motherfuckers
    To suck on a big D
    Ain't no shit this time!
    I ain't fuckin' around!
    I ain't ever fuckin' around!
    Y'all know it too! Yeah!
    You know the truth!
    All you motherfuckers out there
    Suckin' big ass corporate cock
    Yeah, you know!
    All you rock and roll motherfuckers
    Suckin' on a big D
    Fuck yeah! You know it too, baby!
    I come out there...
    Start kickin' some motherfuckin' ass!
    Some motherfuckin' hardcore ass!
    All you west coast, east coast
    Fuckin' southern regional motherfuckers
    Down there in Tex-Ass
    And all the way up there in Cana-Duh
    Yeah you all get down on your knee
    And be suckin' on my big D!
    Goddamn straight, I think y'all got it straight now
    I think you know I ain't bullshittin'!
    You fuckin' corporate cocksuckin' motherfuckin'
    Major label ass-kissin' bullshit
    Sucking on a big motherfucking dick!
    (It's right!)
    Kaiveranon October 27, 2009   Link
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    General Commentowennnnnnn got a few things wrong.

    Lemonheads never put anything out on SST.

    The SST Superstore was hardly a major store like Virgin or anything like that. It was actually a very small record store, its gimmick being that they only sold SST LPs and CDs.

    I went there many times in the '93 to '96 time frame and bought a lot of SST goodies. Never saw Pat Smear though.
    leamancon October 18, 2012   Link

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