"Seven Bridges Road" as written by and Stephen T. Young....
There are stars in the southern sky
Southward as you go.
There is moonlight and moss in the trees
Down the Seven Bridges Road.

Now I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child,
And I have loved you in a tame way,
And I have loved you wild.

Sometimes there's a part of me
Has to turn from here and go
Running like a child from these warm stars
Down the Seven Bridges Road.

There are stars in the southern sky.
And if ever you decide you should go,
There is a taste of time sweet and honey
Down the Seven Bridges Road.

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"Seven Bridges Road" as written by Stephen T. Young

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    General CommentI can't believe no one else has commented on this amazing song. It is one of the most beautiful songs the eagles wrote.

    I googled and found this jewel at the website somethingabout.net/sevenbridgesroad/…:

    Steve Remembers "Seven Bridges Road"
    7 Bridges Road was real.It is still real but I don't think it exists in the same way as I remember it due to development , etc.

    I lived in Montgomery , Alabama in the early 60's and had a group of friends there that showed me the road. It led out of town and after you had crossed 7 Bridges you found yourself out in the country on a dirt road. Spanish Moss hung in the trees and there were old farms with old fences and graveyards and churches and streams. A high bank dirt road with trees. It seemed like a Disney Fantasy at times. People went there to park or get stoned or just to get away from it all. I thought my friends had made up the name "7 Bridges Road" . I found out later that it had been called by that name for over a 100 years. That people had been struck by the beauty of the road for a long time, however , this is not the official name of the road. It is a "folk name".

    I never dreamed that anyone would understand or like this song. I played it for the first time one night in Montgomery and it got a big reaction. I was very surprised and thought it just because it was a local known thing and that was why they liked it.

    It is really not a commercial song. I still don't understand why people
    like it so much. In 1968 I was recording an album for A&M records. The producer wanted me to interpret songs. He didn't really want me to do any originals but we ran out of songs and I started singing 7 Bridges.

    We had been recording live with a trio. Me and James Burton and a bass player. Burton said " This one's ready we can do this one." The song sounded good and so the producer said ok. We put it down as it is now heard on the old A&M Album "RockSalt & Nails".

    Thats how it happened.

    Stairwaytoheavenon July 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful, perfect harmony
    pixie duston June 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI was working in macon ga. today, I work on mobile homes for a living .
    I have worked and lived in this area for 20 plus years.Ever since I first heard the words seven bridges road mentioned as a reference to a particular location, or reference point. I am reminded of the years I
    lived in a north carolina mountain town called Gerton (not far from asheville ). On many occasions friends would get togerher abd do what we did in the day some folks played guitar some harp and such anyhow seven bridges was a song that pre dated karioke . you could all sing and harmonize with this one
    and it sounded beautiful always and made peoplesmile a feel good song to be sure . Moving south was made a little more bearable because of this beautiful melody.
    nosho50on November 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe first music I ever owned was an 8-track of the Eagles greatest hits. Wore that thing out around the back roads near Tuttle,Okla. Never knew this song was done by the Eagles until just a few years ago when The Swon Bros. covered it in the Voice. I think the reason so many people connect with this song is the fact that in every small town or rural area there is a "Seven Bridges Road" Some back road where kids hung out on Friday night and generally did what they weren't supposed to do. With the death of Glen Frey I am listening to the Eagles even more than usual and have been learning Eagles songs on guitar. This one is so easy to play and it gives me goose bumps every time I play it. It's the combination of a deep connection with my younger days and the eeriness of the tune that make it special for me.
    Okiesongmanon January 23, 2016   Link
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    randall cron March 11, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThe Seven Bridges Road is the Road the leads to Hank Williams Grave...
    taosjedion November 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentDuluth MN... Skyline PKWY
    dsm3000gton May 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSorry to dispute Taosjedi but 7 Bridges Road does not lead to Hank Williams Grave. Hank Williams is buried in Oakwood Cemetary, which is on Columbus Street in north Montgomery Alabama. 7 Bridges Road really does exist in Montgomery but it is in the southern part of the city. The official name of the road is Woodley Road but it is still often referred to as 7 Bridges Road and runs from Fairview Avenue in the city to Mount Zion Rd many miles out in the country (Woodley Rd actually continues on many more miles running parallel to Mt. Zion). There are indeed 7 well defined bridges and moss hanging from the trees. The area with the 7 bridges is where Woodley Road (7 Bridges Road) crosses Catoma Creek and various swamps. I have lived near this road for 15 years and it is quite peaceful and beautiful with the moonlight eerily peaking through the moss on the over-abundance of water Oak trees.
    mcsar1on September 07, 2007   Link

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