"Breakfast" as written by Bobby Sheehan and John C. Popper....
Hold the milk, put back the sugar
They are powerless to console
We're gathered here to sprinkle ashes
From our late friend's cereal bowl

Breakfast clubbers, say the motto
That he taught us to repeat:
"You will lose it in your gym class
If you wait till noon to eat"

Back when the chess club said our eggs were soft
Every Monday he'd say grace and hold our juice aloft
Oh, none of us knew his check-out time would come so soon
But before his brain stopped waving, he composed this tune:

When the toast has burned
And all the milk has turned
And Captain Crunch is waving farewell
When the Big One finds you
May this song remind you that
They don't serve breakfast in hell

Breakfast clubbers dropped the hankie
Though to some our friend was odd
That day he bought those pine pajamas
His check was good with God

Those here without the Lord, how do you cope?
For this morning we don't mourn like those who have no hope
Oh, rise up Fruit Loop lovers, sing out Sweet and Low
With spoons held high, we bid our brother Cheerio

When the toast has burned
And all the milk has turned
And Captain Crunch is waving farewell
When the Big One finds you
May this song remind you that
They don't serve breakfast in hell

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"Breakfast" as written by Steve Taylor Peter Furler

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    General CommentWell, whether or not you like these songs, users do have a right to post favorites. Just as punk and metal are not confined to concerts, or pop to nightclubs, Christian music is not confined to churches. Musicians have the freedom to write what they will, and listeners have the right to listen to what they will.

    Music is not defined by its general popularity, in fact, music cannot be defined.

    Unfortunately for your ears, blinkfan, monasteries are hard to find, much less get into, in most of North America, and vows of silence do little to help society at large.

    For the record, I consider myself a Jesus Freak. The label has strangely never held any stigma for me.
    pyrohearton August 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fantastic, and Steve Taylor's lyrics are so funny & interesting, I love all his collabarations with the Newsboys.

    kmm630: If you have the Greatest Hits the best albums to get are "Take Me To Your Leader" (their classic) and the new one, "Thrive", which is their second best in my opinion. "Not Ashamed" is good too but I guess the best songs are probably on the greatest hits albums.

    Ha ha! OK, blinkfanforever, let's listen to some real music like you recommend: blink-182! Wow! Another gay sell-out pop-"punk" band that rips off Green Day at every turn, who in turn were ripping off the Ramones! Isn't it hard to play the same three chords in every song and write meaningless crappy "funny" lyrics...
    Cherub Rockon September 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI will be frank -- I'm not Christian. I'm not religious at all. However, I do like Christian music. I may not believe in God myself, however, I DO appriciate the message of love that both religion and religious-oriented music sends across. A Christian-rock group in peticular captured my fancy; that group being the Newsboys.
    After falling in love with the song "Shine", I immedietly started downloading more songs by them ("Beautiful Sound" and "Breakfast" being among my favourites). I'm an artist, and their lyrics really inspire me to create -- perhaps it's the catchy tune behind each stanza, but either way, it's all-around enjoyable.

    Personally, I wish am inclined to agree with the chorus of this song. I'd be lost without my Chex.
    KattHikarioftheTurkson November 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMind you, I'm not Christian, but I viewed this song as a modern day Last Supper, except it was more as a Last Breakfast, with Jesus reminding his disciples that "they don't serve breakfast in hell". Of course I could be wrong, but the first time I heard this song I laughed so hard! A friend gave me the Shine CD and I've been into the Newsboys ever since. Rock on, y'all!
    irinalupitaon September 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commentlol hey blinkfan.....
    i love how u posted that ...
    and yet no one so far has said,
    "omg ur right y do i believe in jesus?? this dude who has to put his opinions in caps to voice his opinions is totally right. in fact, i think ill go worship him."


    whether u like it or not....
    religious music is music

    u can sing about freaking waffles and as long as theres instruments and/ or a beat its music.

    obviously u r a prejudicedperson who says he is a music fan... but real music fans dont say one kind of music just sucks. they dont have to lsten to it all, but they can at least appreciate it. some songs suck, but theres not one style of music that just flat sucks. if u disagree, try arguing to all the ppl that favor religous music or emo music or w/e.


    ps. i love this song we sing it in youth!! lol
    goodgollymissmollyon May 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentProbably the one song I could do Karaoke without the words.

    We all agree what it's meaning is.

    Probably one of the cleverest song ever, the way it ties in the breakfast themes, into the all together serious tone of someone dying, and not wanting other to spend an eternity in hell.
    Eternity being the wrong thing to be wrong about, it's such a serious subject treated so humorously.
    Meroon July 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHow lovely that all we can do is argue. Anybody can listen to this. Blink-boy needs to have someone sort out his issues and blueowl need to get out of his mother's basement and step out into the sunshine every now and then. Just chill and listen to the music.
    Diabetickaoson July 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is awesome, and it's kind of bittersweet. it has this chorus that's straight forward, and the wording throughout the song is almost humerous, but it's about someone dying.
    i was reading an interview and the inspiration is, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day. there should be a song about it".
    nbfanon June 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHey! Newsboys fans:

    Im a new fan myself. I got Shine the Hits for my B-day, and I want to know which albums you recomend. I also want to know who else you like (both christian and non-christian) Thanks! :)
    kmm630on July 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthey...blinkfanforever....im just gonna ignore everything u just said cuz it dont even deserve being read. kmm630...im a big newsboys fan too. so far i have step up to the microphone, take me to your leader, and shine the hits. i luv em all. i dont think i really have a favorite. id recommend u gettin em all. other singers/groups....dc talk, sonicflood, steven curtis chapman, nicole c mullen, p.o.d., toby mac, and rebecca st james...to name a few. ne way....really luv this song, one of my favs. definitely different....but really good.
    4Christon July 22, 2002   Link

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