"Born Again" as written by Naoise David Sheridan, Denny Carr and Jason Mccoy....
As you look through my window
Deep into my room
At the tapestries all faded
Their vague and distant glories
Concealed in the gloom
The icy fingers of forgotten passions
Softly brushing my lips
At the tips of my primitive soul

As you look through my door
Deep into my room
Can you feel the mighty wall of power
It's waiting waiting in the gloom
The distant shadows of forgotten champions
Those who live in me still
And will rise when we challenge and kill

Born again
You'll be born again

Look at this prince of evil
Fighting for your mind
Fighting all priests of shame
For the thrust of my challenge is aimed
At the hearts of mutant gods
Who think we're all the same
They're controlling our minds
And they use us for fortune and fame

As you look through my window
Deep into my room
At your future and freedom
The grey and plastic retards all floating in circles
And as you taste the fruits of new sensations
Softly brushing your lips
As we rise when we challenge and kill

Born again
You'll be born again

If you want to be a king for a day
Just do what I say

Everybody's got to think like a hunter
Just search for your pray

Be alive through the night and the day
Just do it my way

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"Born Again" as written by Tony Iommi Ian Gillan


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    General CommentOne of the best songs ever made. When looking at Gillan's other lyrics I get confused, how could he write so much generic lyrics and still be able to write this masterpiece? maybe some uncredited help from mr. Butler? who knows, anyway here goes:

    In the first verse he talks about his "room" which is most likely a symbol for his soul. The tapestries are faded and worn, he has been through much sorrow. Nothing is what it used to be in the room, something is greatly missed. Darkness controls his soul, and only the memory of forgotten passions can shine a light on what once was.

    Continuing, we have the powerful metaphor, the "wall of power". This wall does not protect anyone from the room or the room itself, it only blocks out the light, and it is waiting. What is the wall waiting for? Perhaps it is waiting for the room to completely fade into darkness and give in to the superior power it faces, this is still kind of a blur to me but sounds quite logical. Again the return of these forgotten memories, the champions that once where are still a part of your mind, your soul. They still have the power to rise against the wall, to rise again for one final killing blow.

    You will be born again, there is always hope. However, between the lines here lies a darker message. You do not know how when or where you will be born again, only that this is the case. Being born again might not mean you get another chance, it might as well mean that you shall rise from the ashes to serve Lucifer in his kingdom of eternal flame.

    Here enters the satanic touch of the song. "Look at this prince of evil, fighting for your mind". The storyteller suggests that Lucifer is trying to liberate your mind from the infection caused by priests and religion. They shall aim at the hearts of all Gods who try to control you, be born again and you shall be free forever.

    In the last verse you take a second look through my window. What you see now is your future as a free being, no longer enslaved by the religion that once chained you down. You can also see everyone else, still grey retards floating helplessly in circles, trapped forever in a cruel system of oppression. But together with the prince of evil you shall now rise, you shall challenge and kill.

    Again the ending follows the same theme, follow me, be king for a day, I know what to do, you must join in my fight against the wall of power. We shall be born again.

    At least this is in short what I think of when I hear the magical lyrics of Born Again, in my opinion one of the best songs in music history.
    EvilEyeson April 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentA reflection song. One of Iommi's greatest solo if the best. Ian Gillan is the singer of the whole album.
    Just look out for number one listen to the words and follow along. Most of Sabbath's songs always had a positive snuck in, but the music was so heavy the GEEK'S of the world just never hear it. I get it.
    RACC/E5150on October 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOk! I'm gonna say it: I love this song!
    I think this is Sabbath's Child in Time, some later reincarnation or revival.Maybe they were experimenting a little(It wasn't too much time for it I guess) But I love the result: haunting and scary.That's what I hear!.
    Oxxoneon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBlack Sabbath's Child In Time eh?

    well.. Ian Gillan ( Deep Purple's lead singer ) is the singer of this song, and the whole Born Again album :)
    leetwrckon September 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm using pandora.com, I told it I liked Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick, and it started playing this song for me, and what do you know, it's actually quite good.
    inpraiseoffollyon September 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn the words on Ian Gillan....
    "It's hard to say what was going through my mind. Sometimes you're trying to express an intangible feeling. 'Grey and plastic retards' is probably a dig at some of the less inspired members of our profession, (that would be on the business side of things). There's always a need for rhyme, but reason is an altogether more elusive little devil. Overall it's a quite an introverted study about something rising inside. I get off balance sometimes and I was on the way to getting centred again. It was good being with Sabbath and maybe there's a hint of the future there. The DP reunion was only a year or so ahead."
    p2000on February 29, 2012   Link

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