"King Of Loss" as written by and Daniel Gildenloew....
Mother, at my first breath
Every paragraph was set
As I inhaled the scent of debt
Mother, that first stolen air
On papers saying I'm not mine

"We crown you, the King of Loss...
Better get on your feet
Best be one of us
Better get yourself on the list
For success
Dress up as a State investment
Charm the press
A breed from the seed of only
One short breath"

Mother, hence we cry:
Some of us are free to stand
Most of us are bound to lie
In those bloodstained beds
No one can afford to pay
The prices on their babies' heads

I am the King of Loss!
For every dear smile I feel I'm not one of us
"An ivory coin for every plus on your stone"

"One more governmental blade
Now drawn from its sheath
Quite a bargain I'd say since either way
You will live by the show of our teeth!"

Mother, I wish that we could talk
You see
I'm not fit to play this game
Bound by its rules just the same
My talents turned to talons
Every monetary pile
Will buy me a precious smile...

So smile for the King of Loss
Feed from the juices
Bleeding from this cross
Then tell me our lives mean more
Than this vain thirst!

"A governmental blade
Drawn from its private sheath
Quite a bargain I'd say, since either way
You'll be living by the show of our..."

I hold up my head
This was my life
Now I'm with the dead
So I lay my bare neck
This is your call
Dub a king or a wreck

(Mother, listen to me mother)

This was my life
This is your call

Is this all I am? Is this all I'll be?
This is not enough!

We're all crying for respect and attention
We're all dying for a painless redemption!
This is not what I wanted
But for every drop of blood I lost myself
I, too, lay bleeding on the sidewalk...

Long live the dying king

"A governmental blade
Now drawn from its private sheath
Quite a bargain I'd say, since either way
I will live by the show of your teeth..."

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"King of Loss" as written by Daniel Gildenloew


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    General CommentI think we found out in this song that "he" was born an orphan and that the first time he felt betrayal or loss was right at his birth.

    "Mother, at my first breath
    Every paragraph was set
    As I inhaled the scent of debt
    Mother, that first stolen air
    On papers saying I'm not mine"

    The mother he could actually be refering to is the government, the only mother hes actually ever known. The whole 5-7 minute mark of this song is amazing.
    craginsla1on February 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about how He was never good enough, neither for himself or his mother. On some level, he both despises and loves her, declaring that she is the one who could make him a king or kill him. When he says "Long live the dying king!" I shiver.
    The Lost Heroon January 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGuys, guys... Please... It's all about the fact that in our world, every child is born in debt. The payment for the hospital bed for the mother giving birth comes first, then, the upbringing, the college fees, and then we spend the rest of our lives killing ourselves for each cent we get. It's all about the literal price we pay for living our lives in this capitalist, dog-eat-dog world.

    Just an interpretation. I may be wrong.
    Longandweirdnameon July 17, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI can't see how anyone is unable to see the political undertones in this song. Really they're more like overtones compared to the rest of the album. Scarsick only furthers Longandweirdname's interpretation. It's definitely about Him and the role he is playing in society. Which is only a part of the overall story concerning Him and Her.

    He sees himself but a tool, another cog in the machinery (ala the character in One Hour By The Concrete Lale). He's told there's a greater purpose but he doesn't seem to believe in that.
    mathrockeron February 02, 2011   Link

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