"Inside" as written by and Daniel Magdic Pain Of Salvation....
'What is a war criminal? Was not war itself a crime against God and
humanity, and, therefore, were not all those who sanctioned, engineered,
and conducted wars, war criminals? War criminals are not confined to the
Axis Powers alone.'

I was told the pain and hunger was not my fault
How could they be so wrong?
And man, of all five billion people you're only one
Believed them for far too long!
Clean hands
My land is my home

I'm inside the big machine and it's eating me!
And I am just a wheel in motion, too blind to see
The way we are heading now

I'm hollow
I swallow, but

Inside I'm strong
Inside I'm free
Inside I'm young
Inside I'm still me

(Since 1990 there have been 93 wars in 70 states all around the world, with 5.5 million people dead. 75% of these people were civilians, 1 million of them were children...)

(Guns don't kill, I don't kill. Do I?)

Drink with me, laugh with me, friends for tonight
Stay with me, sleep with me, happy tonight
I only feel lonely outside this bar
Look at me when I speak! Who do you think you are?

Just look at me now! Inside I'm lost

Now I'm vain, numb this pain, why is it burning?
Clean as rain, not a stain, so why am I yearning?

I can't sleep, I twist and turn
In too deep, I sweat, I burn
I'm afraid that I'll awake, dressed up in a big mistake
Then I'd break!

What if I just closed my eyes?
(I'm not clean)
What if I shut out the lies?
(Blood unseen)
And what if I could hear my heart
(All over my hands!)
Accusing me for taking part
Of the Machine

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"Inside" as written by Frederik Hermansson Daniel Gildenlow


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    My InterpretationThree lines of thought for me:

    1. it is about a soldier and post traumatic stress disorder. That is has returned home and can't deal with what they were part of (the death, the war, the loss of life etc.)

    2. it is about a president who has unleashed war on a nation (that only problem is that the "machine" is typically referring to government itself ... so maybe a idealistic president?)

    3. telling us (the general public) to not just dismiss war, the death etc. and to open our eyes to the situation. We should not be naive (ignorant) to the real costs of war, and instead of feeling safe being part of the machine we need to wake up ... even if that means we can't sleep, we should be upset etc. because until society is no longer apathetic to war, we can not make a change. i.e. make the change inside each of us first before we can really achieve "peace".
    sokornyon January 20, 2016   Link

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