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Hold onto my hand
Hold onto my unborn hand
Feel what I'll never be
Need me badly
Need what I have
Need what I am
I am a dead man
Now I am a dead man
I am selfish
I am unborn
I am unborn now
I am unborn
Need my love
Need my fake love
Hold onto my hand
Hold onto my unborn hand
Need what I make you become
Blind love
Blind love
I am a dead man
I am a cold dead man
And I am unkind
I am unkind
Feel my hand
Feel my dead hand
Need my love
Need my blind love
Love blind
Blind love
Feel good
Feel good now

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    General CommentSecond analysis: This seems to take religion's serious views of birth and death and reveal a certain pomp and morbidity to them. Those highly devout or hypocritically so have a blind obsession, or love, for the unborn and the deceased, to the point of slavish ritual. The more deranged among those few consider both holy in the most bizzare ways. My thought on this song, being in an album about religious hypocrisy, is that it speaks of both the unborn and dead in general, and Jesus himself, holding an infant (Jesus' birth) and a dead man (Jesus after many thousands of years) as deserving worship. While the song and the album are not overtly blasphemous, this song and "Real Love" really poke at the more pompous, self-righteous, "damn you to hell!" side of evangelical Christianity with sharp sticks in a darkened room.
    Cynothoglyson April 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGood point, Cynothoglys. And another one possible interpretation: The song could be “sung” by an unborn child, emotionally blackmailing his mother. That is, binding her with her mother’s love to blindly love the child for the rest of her life. “I’m a dead man” could mean “I’m unborn yet”. But this is less likely to be the true meaning.
    slow pulse boyon July 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSlavish, blindly submissive love.
    Cynothoglyson January 16, 2006   Link

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