"Ventilator Blues" as written by and Mick/richards Jagger....
When your spine is cracking and your hands, they shake,
Heart is bursting and you butt's gonna break.
Your woman's cussing, you can hear her scream,
You feel like murder in the first degree.
Ain't nobody slowing down no way,
Ev'rybody's stepping on their accelerator,
Don't matter where you are,
Ev'rybody's gonna need a ventilator.
When you're trapped and circled with no second chances,
Your code of living is your gun in hand.
We can't be browed by beating, we can't be cowed by words,
Messed by cheating, ain't gonna ever learn.
Ev'rybody walking 'round,
Ev'rybody trying to step on their Creator.
Don't matter where you are, ev'rybody, ev'rybody gonna
Need some kind of ventilator, some kind of ventilator.
What you gonna do about it, what you gonna do?
What you gonna do about it, what you gonna do?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?
Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?

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"Ventilator Blues" as written by Michael Taylor Keith Richards

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Ventilator Blues song meanings
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    General CommentThought it finished with

    Don' fight it!
    Don' fight it!

    Good simple bluesy song...slips right into the next one - like a lot of Exile.
    coo2kachooon April 14, 2005   Link
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    General Commentso is it about the Lord?

    Sure would seem to fit considering what follows.

    Course i heard it was a song about the recording conditions.......they had one fan, and the whole place was just miserably hot.
    pton January 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYes the weather was hot and it was just one of those days where you feel like your going to loose it. Keith said an actually ventilator grille inspired him to write this song with Jagger.
    RiversideGuitariston July 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always assumed it was "gut's gonna break"

    Seems to catch the feel of the song more.
    orangetomorrowon August 30, 2006   Link
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    My Opinion"butt's gonna break" just doesn't sound like a great line which makes me think that's not it. Every reference in the internet says the same thing - "butt's gonna break". I don't know if Mick Jagger or Keith Richards have weighed in on this anywhere. What if (just a wild guess), it's ...
    "When your spine is cracking and your hands they shake; Heart is bursting and your butts DON'T break..." as in cigarette butts. I know that's a long shot and now that I've written it out it looks stupid. But I guess my thinking is that since you're hands are "shaking", you can't put your cigarettes out or something. OK. so maybe that's lame but "butts gonna break"?!? Why wouldn't he have used the word 'ass' and somehow rearranged the line. One more thing: Why would your "butt" be "breaking" just because there's no "ventilation" in the basement? I'm wanting to cover this song and so I'm trying to crack this code.

    Whadda y'all think?
    stephen672on October 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song has a couple meanings, First I am sure that it may have been inspired by how hot it was and one fan but actually the song is brilliant. To me it is saying that everybody has a vice or habit that they have to use as their ventilator, maybe it's drugs,drink,Pepsi,candy,aspirin,coffee, God,It can be anything. Video game,instrument a person's acceptance,whatever. It is all mind over matter but the one thing we all need is air or we are dead. Cool play on words. Mick has always been such an under rated lyricist I think.
    greg112974on August 27, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningFor me the song is about being pissed off with hard work and needing to let out the frustration somehow. At the end he asks what you going to do about it? Making it personal, saying its up to you to vent how you need.
    dan1639176on August 23, 2016   Link

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