"Blindfold" as written by and Mark Edward Kozelek....
Blood ridden hands are the first things To come through the bed When all the pain in your life Comes to a head Poor lost soul with no place to go Wait until winter and you'll know Three years fold through your lies untold Innocence undoes her blindfold Who else's hands have touched Who I best understand Held close the neck and waist Of my adult orphan This summer ends, the evenings we spent Life under China dinner din Wishes best to mystery address I found deep in your occult key chest On my suicide cloud Left me in the pit of my morning pout An emptiness throughout This scarred and sullied soul you threw out What possessed you not to include me How have you failed to invite me How could you laugh with her in that theater When you're off and I'm alone

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"Blindfold" as written by Mark Edward Kozelek

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    My InterpretationThere's an insight that came to me while listening only the other day (and for the thousand and eighth time, I might estimate), and it has to do with the latter half of the song, and what it means.

    To me, it is the crushing feeling of being left out.

    "On my suicide cloud
    Left me in the pit of my morning pout"

    The scene opens with him in an upset daze, presumably in his bed (On my suicide cloud). He is saying that he was left there, and it could perhaps be assumed that his day usually starts with this morning depression.

    "An emptiness throughout
    This scarred and sullied soul you threw out"

    This seems to expand upon the feeling of loathing that he is feeling towards the person who is out and about, feeling good, while he is alone in his bed and feeling absolutely abhorrent. He feels very personal that he is left to his bed.

    "What possessed you not to include me?
    How have you failed to invite me?
    How could you laugh with her in that theatre
    When you're off and I'm alone..."

    This is the most revealing of all. The first two lines speak for this entire idea, as he was left to his depressing setting while someone else (a friend, an ex-lover, perhaps both together even?) made no regard in inviting him to the fun that was being had. The third line is one that shines through and hits the hardest for me, in that "How could you laugh with her in that theater?" implies his resentment in the fact that they had fun, and that they enjoyed themselves, while he lay at home in misery. It is solidified by "When you're off and I'm alone.", and it is after that lyric that he lets out his anger and frenzy in that bloodcurdling scream. All of his rage for that one, petty moment suddenly becomes the biggest thing in the world.

    I used to feel this way as a kid, particularly when friends would make plans without me and for seemingly no reason at all. Could I be wrong about the song being about this? Of course, but I will never not think of this when I hear this part of the song.
    Anilandon November 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely crushing.
    hellarack99on January 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSeems to mirror the feelings of getting over someone. There's the intense sadness that follows, then a gentle optimism, and then a kind of resentment and anger that follows. Absolutely stunning. The first 3 or 4 minutes are incredibly difficult to listen to.
    Spiderlandon October 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree that this song is absolutely crushing.

    even more difficult to understand/deal with than actually being abandoned (this scarred and sullied soul you threw out) can be the fact that life, new life, goes on for the person that left... that they walked away into another world, and left you to watch.

    TheWrongGirlon December 10, 2011   Link

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