I, my, my, my, my
Oh I,
Can turn the gray sky blue, I
You see I can make it rain, when I want it to, oh I
I can build a castle from a single grain of sand, I
You see I can make a ship sail, on dry land tell 'em yeah
I'm unhappy with all the powers I possess, yeah
Girl you're the key to my happiness and I
(I can't get next to you, babe )
(I can't get next to you)
I've trying a long time
(I can't get next to you, babe)
(I can't get next you)
I don't know what to do

Oh I,
I, oh Lord
I can fly like a bird in the sky, oh I
And I can buy anything that money can buy, oh I
Can turn a river into a raging fire, oh I
And I can live forever if I so desire, yeah
I'm unhappy with all the power I possess, yeah girl
'Cause girl your the key cause
(I can't get next to you babe)
(I can't get next to you)
(I can't get next to you babe)
(I can't get next to you)

Let me tell that
I can turn back the hands of time,
You better believe I can, oh I
You see I can take the season's change just by waving my hand, let me say I
I can change anything from old to new girl, oh I
All the things I want to do the most, you see, I'm unable to do, yeah

Unimportant these things that I'm trying to do here today
'Cause girl, you see, I
(Can't get next to you babe)
I've been trying a long time
(I can't get next to you)
Oh somebody oughta help me
(I can't get next to you, babe)
Let me, let me go
(I can't get next to you)
Let me

I, Lord I've been working on it, baby
I've been thinking about it
Oh I
But you see, I've been trying to call you all day long
But you see I don't have your phone number, honey, I
I've been, I've been, thinking about you baby, something awful
You see, I, oh I, sometimes I feel like I want to moan about it
And I, I don't just know what to say about it

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"I Can't Get Next to You" as written by Barrett Strong, Norman J. Whitfield

Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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    General Comment:This song is probably my favorite of all time. So much so that I became a member here to add comments about it. This song has all four of the elements necessary for a great song. For me, a truly great rock ‘n’ roll song must have the following:

    1) The “shake your booty” factor.
    2) A musical hook/grove that won’t let you go
    3) A lyrical edge that makes it interesting at another level. This edge can be anything, love, drugs, lust, sexual, social-political, or just a great story.
    4) Most importantly, it has to make you want to be the star. The song has to be fun to sing.

    I first heard this song as a ninth grader and have loved it for nearly 40 years. My friend Steve and I grooved out this 45 on his portable record player listening in the photo darkroom of our Junior High School.

    I have no idea if there is some other allegorical meaning to this song but for me, it will always be about unrequited love/lust (I ‘m sure someone will say this song is about drugs). The song tells the sad saga of someone who has infinite confidence and abilities but pales in comparison to the object of lust. The Temps sing with a passion and a frenzy that echoes my early crushes, knowing that I would never be able to approach the girl. Absolutely wonderful stuff. This is what rock ‘n’ roll is all about!
    grogleyon December 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment:Nice review, grogley!

    I just want to add that this songs brings to mind the literary technique known as "unreliable narrator." Obviously the narrator can not, for example, "build a castle from a single grain of sand."

    The listener understands that the narrator can't do ANY of the things he claims to be able to do; but the listener does believe that the narrator, with his fast talking, ladykiller spiel can and will "get next" to his target!
    moikon January 04, 2009   Link
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    General Comment:I prefer when the lyrics are broken up by singer, because the juxtaposition of artists reveals more meaning - one that parallels a single man's love with many qualified bachelors who love the same girl and not one can "get next to her." The reason being, she can't decide between them and they're trying too hard to impress her. "Can't get next to you" probably implies sex, but it could also imply that they can't get next/close to her emotionally.

    I love that the lyrics are so real and tell a story about a common dilemma: the classic, we want what we can't have theme and the girl who can't decide between great guys because she has too many options.

    Most importantly though, the Temptations are awesome for expressing the emotions we feel and cherish in songs that we can play when ever we want!
    JimmyBoy1on February 16, 2009   Link

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