"Don't Ask Me No Questions" as written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Robert Rossington....
Well everytime that I come home nobody wants to let me be
It seems that all the friends I got just got to come interrogate me
Well, I appreciate your feelings and I don't want to pass you by
But I don't ask you about your business, don't ask me about mine

Well it's true I love the money and I love my brand new car
I like drinkin' the best of whiskey and playing in a honky tonk bar
But when I come off the road, well I just got to have my time
'cause I got to find a break in this action, else I'm gonna lose my mind

So, don't ask me no questions
And I won't tell you no lies
So, don't ask me about my business
And I won't tell you goodbye

That's right

Well, what's your favorite color and do you dig the brothers, is drivin' me up a wall
And everytime I think I can sleep, some fool has got to call
Well don't you think that when I come home, I just want a little peace of mind
If you want to talk about the business buddy, you're just wastin' time

So, don't ask me no questions
And I won't tell you no lies
So, don't ask me about my business
And I won't tell you goodbye

I said don't ask no stupid questions and I won't send you away
If you want to talk fishin, well I guess that'll be ok

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"Don't Ask Me No Questions [Single Version][*]" as written by Ronnie Van Zant Gary Robert Rossington

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Don't Ask Me No Questions song meanings
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    General CommentIts actually about when Ronnie went home and he wanted to relax, his friends kept asking him about his life on the road and the band. He wanted time to relax and fish and this song told people how he felt. He needed some time alone.
    XxFreebirdxXon December 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou can only take so many questions on the road let alone when you come home. Not only from the media but from your friends as well. He just wanted some damn alone time. No one could seem to understand that so he wrote them a song.
    BaLLeR1229on March 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is a 'leave-me-the-fuck-alone-so-I-can-relax-for-once' kinda song and they're great songs to have cause if you turn it up real loud and hope hard enough, people actually back off. It's all about ME time and everyone wants a little me time now and again even more so if you're as famous as these guys.
    music-fan-88on July 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt was mainly Gary who wrote this tune, with Ronnie's help. The songs means, "I need a break from all the fame. Time to rest. Give me some respect and leave me alone when Im home off the road, and let me be me, ok?"
    samueljamon December 29, 2013   Link

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