"Nervous Guy" as written by and Murry Hammond Kendall Bethea....
In the court of our friend's opinion
In the right-cut eyes of all our friends
In the way the phone goes dead
In the way you lose your head
I can see how this thing is gonna end

In the darkest hours of my depression
In the tumbling rocks it takes to mend
In the way you cross your legs
In the way my right hand shakes
I can see how this thing is gonna end

Goodbye, goodbye!
From a nervous guy
Goodbye, goodbye
From a nervous guy
From a nervous guy

When the smoke pours into the bedroom
When the man comes 'round
Collecting all our friends
When the loved one learns
That the fire no longer burns
I can see how this thing is gonna end


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"Nervous Guy" as written by Murray Hammond Kendall Dewayne Bethea


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    My InterpretationThis song seems pretty self explanatory to me and I feel that it's all summed up by the one line
    "When the loved one finally learns
    that the fire no longer burns."
    I know, 'cause I've felt this way several times before. It's like when one person in the relationship doesn't have the same feelings as before or even just as the other person does and they finally figure it out or find out. The fire is really just a representation of their love.
    The guy is nervous because he knows the relationship is coming to an end and he doesn't want it to happen.

    "In the court of our friends' opinion
    In the righteous eyes of all our friends" is kinda admitting that their mutual friends all know how the girl feels and that she wants it to end. Maybe all their friends judge him for still being with her.

    "in the way the phone goes dead
    in the way you use your head" can mean when they get off the phone it isn't the same as before maybe one is hanging up on the other or maybe they just hang up with one another with no I love yous like they did before. She uses her head differently as in her reactions are different or she treats him differently.

    Then he ends it with just accepting it's over and saying goodbye.

    stacyroxyoursoxon January 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAny takers on this one?
    Alec Eiffelon February 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentno
    Boo Urnson February 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commentno
    Boo Urnson February 26, 2005   Link

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