"Deep Dish" as written by and Ani Difranco....
Cold and drizzly night in Chicago's deep dish
Fluorescent light of the bathroom
Shows my hands as they are
See an eyelash on my cheek

Pick it off and make a wish
And walk back out into the bar
Wind at the windows
Neon lights, the pattered pane

The waitress wields the weight
Of her tray around her palm
The doorman cups his hands
And lights his cigarette again

And the rain marches on
(This is only a possibility in a world of possibilities.
There are, obviously there are many possibilities,
ranging from small to large, before long there will be short, before short there was nothing.
When there was nothing there was always the possibility of something, becoming what it is)

Don't even bother trying
To say something clever
Clever is as clever does
No matter what it says

I'm looking for a sign
Says you're for real this time
But I don't trust what's in your head
I walk up to the bar

And point to the top shelf
And then I throw my head back
And laugh at myself
I raise a toast to all our saviors

Each so badly behaved
It's too bad that their world
Is the one that they saved

(Now you got to dance with me,
Now is when it's gotta be 'cause I can't wait for the dance floor to fill in.
If you want to dance with me,
I'll show you how it's gonna be 'cause I can't wait for the band to begin)

There's a spider spinning cobwebs
From your elbow to the table
While my eyes ride the crowd
In a secret rodeo

I smile with my mouth
Lift my watch up to the light
Say, oh look I have to go

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"Deep Dish" as written by Ani Difranco


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    General Commentits a very simple snapshot of a random moment, and how the little things that u feel can actually be poetic and instead of like "meh no big deal"
    regardemylasheskgmon May 27, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis is only a possibility in a world of possibilities
    there are obviously there are many possibilities
    ranging from small to large
    before long there will be short
    before short there was nothing
    when there was nothing
    there was always the possibility
    of something becoming what it is

    That section of the song is awesome...
    It works on so many levels.. for me, externally I think
    America becoming the land of the free..
    Internally, I think break away from the negative behavioral patterns that have caused so much havoc
    xinniefulon March 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, the lyrics, the horn section, the upbeat ska feel of some of "Little Plastic Castle". I think regard has it right. The song's focus on setting shows that the time and place is as important as what's going on in the bar. It perfectly captures the feeling of being drunk in a dingy student bar, with a partner who is a philosophical drunk (the interlude about the "world of possibilities") or just plain boring (cobwebs from your elbows to the table).

    I think Ani has written in the past about the theme of hating boredom and depression (which summarizes her fellow bar fly in this song). In "Pick yer nose" she says something to the effect of "Depressed is boring."

    I think "Not a pretty girl" she talks about how she relates to people -- other leftists?-- who wouldn't be caught dead working for the man (not unlike the philosopher in the song) but at the same time she is a patriot and a worker first and foremost. In both that song and Deep Dish she distances herself from the disillusioned left. Something to think about.
    skarredmunkeyon August 04, 2007   Link

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