"Adam and Eve" as written by and Ani Difranco....
Tonight you stoop to my level.
I'm your mangy little whore.
Now you're trying to find your underwear,
And your socks,

And then the door.
And you're trying to find a reason
Why you have to leave.
I know it's 'cause you think you're Adam

And you think I'm Eve.
And you rhapsodize about beauty
And my eyes glaze.
Everything I love is ugly,

I mean really
You would be amazed.
And just do me a favor,
It's the least that you can do.

Just um
Don't treat me like I am
Something that happened to you.
I am, I am, I am

Truly sorry,
Sorry about all this.
And you plot a tiny pin prick
In my big red balloon.

As I slowly start to exhale,
It's when you leave the room.
And I did not design this game.
I did not name the stakes.

I just happen to like apples,
And I am not afraid of snakes.
I am, I am, I am
Truly sorry about all this.

I hear you and your anger hurts
I hear that it's with, with
So I let go the ratio
Things set, things hurt.

As I leave you to your garden,
And the beauty you prefer.
I wonder whether this will have meaning
For you, when you've left it all behind.

I think I'll even wonder
If you meant it at the time.

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"Adam and Eve" as written by Ani Difranco


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    General Comment"i just happen to like apples
    and i am not afraid of snakes"
    I think this song is about a one night stand or a hook up. She wanted it and he did to, but after it seem like something dirty. And most guys after you have sex with them can treat you like a whore its the double standard and I think thats why she asks him to do her a "favor" and not treat her like that.
    "i am truly sorry about all this
    i envy you your ignorance
    i hear that it's bliss" I think he's ignorant to the fact that they both wanted it and a woman can make a choice to sleep around just as much as a man can his ignorance makes him thinks that he did something wrong by enjoying a night with her.
    "i guess i'll even wonder
    if you even meant it
    at the time "
    Now that he's acting this way she will wonder if she was just another noch in the belt.
    mine34won March 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMakes me think about a brief relationship but the guy is already seeing someone else, and he rationalises it in his own head that SHE tempted him, hence the Eve reference. He leaves her at night and goes back to the other woman, and she feels horrible when he goes, really really cheap. 'Leave you to your garden and the beauty you prefer' - Eden before Eve tempted Adam - he goes back to his partner for good. A real heartbreaker of a song.
    daneypopson April 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commentjust screaming to this song from the bottom of your gut makes a differences
    gay retro chickon March 30, 2002   Link
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    General Commentjust screaming to this song from the bottom of your gut makes a difference
    gay retro chickon March 30, 2002   Link
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    General Comment*just do me a favor, it's the least that you can do, don't treat me like i am something that happened to you*

    one of the things i love most about ani, is the fact that she can encompass both anger and love at the same time.
    sara_rachelon June 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAnother song I sing about/to my ex. especially the "I just happen to like apples and I am not afraid of snakes" and of course the "just do me a favor...." once again, I love Ani.
    Hecateon September 04, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwow i love this song. i agree with sara rachel, i like the way ani can encompass anger and love at the same time.
    sarah1262on May 07, 2003   Link
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    General Commentafter someboyd broke up with me and i was still in love with them my best friend suggested that i burn this onto a cd and give it to him, i never had hte strangth to, i wish i had
    intoodeepon November 08, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI always saw this song as being about being in love with someone who you also have feelings of hate and such anger for. Like others have said "encompassing both anger and love". Just being so in love with someone who you know degrades and hurts you but who you can't help loving or stop loving anyway.
    fierceflawlesson June 15, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song makes me feel terrible about being a guy.

    i've often wondered if i've ever left a woman like that...not by having sex and saying see you later...but treating them like they meant nothing to me - I really hope not.

    i think this song is about a girl finally getting the guy she's always wanted only to realize that she means nothing but sex to him.

    he feels dirty & she knows it & she kind of feels bad for making him stoop to her level & get dirty & she thinks it's her own fault that he's dirty now.

    i think his ignorance is of pain and suffering. that's what is blissful - he doesn't really have to experience the shit she does. He gets to F&R back to his nice suburban home.
    CoryGreenwellon June 27, 2005   Link

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