susan is a connotation
at less than arms length
she has the strength of an opinion
her promises are like the night overcast
like the stars she doesn't show
and when she does, she doesn't last

you can see her goodness
like her breath on a window pane
and then she turns her head
and it is gone again

and while i'm left waiting
she'll wax and she'll wane
and maybe she'll come here again
and susan was at the other end of the line
and she received me just in time
and i lean to her like a preference of mine
like a reference to friendship
she defined my time

now i'm waiting for susan
i don't know where i am in line
i'm waiting for susan
i wonder where i am in line

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    My InterpretationIn my opinion, this song has two meanings, both very similar but still go down a different road. Ani is telling a story about Susan, and all her feelings for her. Susan is clearly a woman, who is going around sleeping with different people, but every time she is with Ani, Ani wants to feel that Susan truly loves her, and wants to be with her. Everytime they lay, Ani feels special, feels loved, and has this feeling that she constantly describes during the song. Every time she leaves, she hopes that she'll come one more time, and hopes that by her coming and sleeping with her, their relationship will be real. Because Ani loves her so much, Susan usually bails and leaves her waiting, and Ani can do nothing but wait and hope she'll come again, as she said in her song.

    My second interpretation on this song, is that Susan is a prostitute who Ani loves. Ani feels everytime she is with Susan, that they will finally settle down, and Susan will choose her as the one. Susan usually bails, does not show, or leaves Ani disappointed, but all Ani hopes is that she will see her again. This song is just basically a tale of Ani being hypnotized into loving a prostitute, or a woman, Susan, who only sees Ani as another lay. This goes with the whole Priority, option saying. Ani believes she loves Susan, and she is her number on priority, while Ani is only another one of Susan's options for sex. A beautiful song with a strong meaning behind it!
    Kaivanon August 23, 2010   Link

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