"Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" as written by and Ville Hermanni Valo....
Let me wake up in your arms, you say it's not alright
Let me be so dead and gone, so far away from life
Close my eyes, hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart

All I ever wanted was you my love
You're all I ever wanted
You, my love

Let me never see the sun, never see you smile
Let us be so dead and so gone
So far away from life
Just close my eyes, hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart

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"Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" as written by Ville Hermanni Valo

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    General CommentBeautiful lyrics. When I became a gothic, it is written that I am required to buy and listen to all of HIMs albums whether I like them or not. So I threw out all my Led Zepplin, Radiohead and Beatles records and bought every HIM, Lacuna Coil, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Sister of Mercy album ever made so I can sulk into my faux-misery, put on fag clown make-up and cut up my arms. I am individual because I dress in all black even though my friends do it and I stole this look from the Cure anyway. I only buy albums by bands labelled by Goth even if it doesn’t sound Goth or even good.

    Being a gothic means I’m in the group of the only people who isn’t totally stupid (Even though most are because most aren’t me, I am so intelligent I even have an I.Q.) True happiness is a lie. We are all just a biological soul-less build up of chemicals, nothing more than a machine programmed by nothing. Every emotion we feel is merely the chemicals in our brain telling us how we feel and is nothing to do with outside world. When we die, all our memories and experiences would have meant nothing and our ever having existed would be totally void. So it is pointless even attempting to find happiness because we are nothing to anything and soon all that will remember us will be dead also, leaving not even a memory of our existence because it truly means nothing. God is impossible, look at the world, it isn’t perfect dispite what people may say. We all the mutations that happen this shows the choices of evolvtion experimenting

    Intelligent people like me are miserable all the time. The stupider you are, the happier you are. Have you seen how happy retards are? They are always jumping around, smiling and not drowning in their own misery. This is because they don’t have the power of think and therefore understand the truth.

    Anyway, to the song’s meaning. Ville Valo must be very intelligent because even with all his fame, money and girls wanting to bone him he remains a miserable chap.

    “Never let me see your smile” refers to how we should all be miserable and never find happiness so that we only listen to miserable music and buy more of HIMs records. Smiling is a lie, we can smile and feel empty inside. Expressing ourselves on the outside is a lie. I hate my life but I want to be alive so I can complain about how much I hate my life to people and scare old people. I hate non-goths, they are so happy and retarded and don’t understand that they should be miserable.

    “Let me be self dead and gone” is a truly brilliant line. He wants to be dead but is remaining alive just long enough to

    Most HIM songs have the theme of ‘Let’s die together’ this is referring to the mass suicide he is organising for all the Goths on 31th October 2005 when we will all kill ourselves and leave this shit world to all the retards, that’ll teach them for being stupid. I urge all fellow Goths to join us, if they want to be happy, those assholes can be happy.

    Have you read any Jhonen Vasquez comics? DON’T! He has JOKES in them. (I don’t expect many Goths to know the meaning of this word, type it in at dictionary. com. I didn’t know what it meant until I watched Beetlejuice with a friend.) In short, jokes are something people use to make people laugh. (Laughing is a positive emotion that isn’t miserable and is a horrible side effect of happiness, truly the most evil emotion of all time.)

    I have to watch the Crow now, I having seen it for nearly a week. May Satan be with you in all your hearts.

    (The heartagram is a work of genius and is definetly not a pussification of a pentagram.)
    Yournewgodon June 28, 2005   Link

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