Over time desire shall fall and lie and fade.
Await unequaled thought and virtuosity.
Desire lies in wait, a precious cup, a stone or some such.
Absent moments, ones which raised the heart to stand so great.
Cannot choose not to deny.
Blame falls easy silently.
Darkness preferable, comfort found again.
In solitude, a door into an empty room.
A door to familiar desolation.
The spoils of past years lost for reason, lost for some notions of new days.
Inside there is gentleness.
Calm preceding tears.
Cry again, cry again.
Moment of toil.
Call the Gods to answer me.
Hear me say 'hear my pain'.
Call the Gods to answer me.
Frika come!
Frika come!
Promise and enlightenment abounded.
Felled like trees the pillars that held me high.
Running blind, running blind.
On stony ground I stumble and vow return.
Inside there is gentleness.
Calm preceding tears.
Cry again, cry again.
Moment of toil.
Call the Gods to answer me.
Hear me say 'hear my pain'.
Call the Gods to answer me.
Frika come!
Frika come!
Inside there is anger now.
Calm precedes the rage.
Cry again, cry again.
Moment of toil.
Call the Gods to answer me.
Hear me say 'hear my pain'.
All the Gods to answer me.
Frika come!
Frika come!

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    General CommentThis song tells me only one thing - Fight Back!
    The world will not make your journey through life an easy one, but you have to carry on. At times it may all seem hopeless and futile, but there is a way through... find it...
    spookeyon April 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentWhy aren't there more posts for this amazing song?! It's so hardcore, like 'Paranoia', by Apop. It energizes, etc. Gotta love it.
    montagninion March 31, 2003   Link
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    General CommentWhat exactly is the english translation of "Frika"?
    senzafineon April 28, 2003   Link
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    General CommentAfter more research than I care to admit, I found that Frika basically means 'god of peace' in this context. As all of the days of the week are named after Gods, (thursday = thor's day), Frika's day is Friday.
    montagninion May 12, 2003   Link
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    General Commentalbanian english says it means 'fear'
    Delete-Yourselfon July 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentFrika in terms of Norse mythology is the Godess of peace, alternative translations give it the goddess of maternal love.
    It seems to be that this song, is about someone being harmed/hurt in a way which he slowly becomes increasingly angry:
    "Blame falls easy silently.
    Darkness preferable, comfort found again."
    The person in the song, it seems has tried to reason, tried to emplor for peace.
    "Frika come!
    Inside there is anger now.
    Calm precedes the rage. "
    Even until the end they are begging for peace, the person is distraught and whilst they know their anger is wrong, they cannot help it. Emotional and very tumultuous. It seems to be a description of hatred and anger, unfounded and unreasonable. Saying regardless of how hard people try, it seems to consume them. Thats what I get anyway.
    Gerard_commion June 19, 2005   Link
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    General Commentas i believe in the norse gods, i feel it is my duty to comment on this song
    when i first listened to it, i almost started to cry cause to me, that is the perfect model of a viking prayer how it should be sung in our time. due to the fact that the viking religion is alive and not static, it _HAS_ to be adapted to changing times and it is a very christian way of thinking that one has to recite old prayers in old languages to make things happen or to get the power of it. what is important is, that you put in so much emotion and power by your very own thoughts so that it works for you, and that is exactly, what ronan did here
    and as for your 'goddess of peace' theory ... of course, that is what frigga stands for in the first place, but in the norse pantheon, there are dozens of meanings to every one god, and so here it is also spoken of the rage, destruction and ferocity that frigga stands for and which can be triggered in oneself by adressing her in prayer

    remark: don't get me wrong, that is my personal opinion on the godess and these lyrics, no guarantee whether that is so for ronan as well
    Skjoldsmoeyon June 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis makes me sad. It reminds me of what I feel 80% of the time; I try to keep calm, but generally I'm an instable person so I get pissed and upset really easily (I hide it relatively well). Sometimes I just lose it and have to curl up and just cry. That's what this song is saying to me. It makes me wanna cry. Again. TT_TT (laughs)

    But it's also stuck in my head ALL the TIME. I was up for hours the other night cause it was just playing over and over in my head. >_
    iChuneon July 26, 2005   Link
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    General Comment#=line from above, meaning to me follows.

    1. Through out your live good desires are pushed away
    2. by your bad desires that are more powerful.
    3. These bad desires are for earthly things (ei money, or could also be power, ect.);
    4. Moments which you put these earthly desires aside are when you can achieve true greatness.
    5. One can not accept
    6. that yourself blaming the fact of (line 4.) does not happen,
    7. you’d rather hide from the truth, and justify your action in obtaining your bad desire on other or yourself, rather then accepting responsibility and changing.
    8. This will leave you alone and your life barren,
    9. and lead you to blame more (it's a cycle).
    10. You see the past bad desires and what they did, but because of naivety in think that knowledge alone will spare you from repeating them, you make them again (continues the cycle)

    11. Inside yourself the good resides
    12. and it hurts to see that it is not used.
    13. You cry from the hurt.
    14. Hurt make you fear the future of more hurt (and may I quote Yoda) fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering (which is more pain and the cycle continues)
    15. You pray for a god to
    17. understand your pain
    17. You pray for
    18. it all to go away
    19. for peace

    20. The world and religion offers you peace,
    21. but this system fails.
    22. So your world is shattered and you are lost.
    23. This tribulation causes you to promise to live your live more righteously.
    24. But you return to the cycle shown in lines 11-18

    lines 25-32 are repeating 11-18 but...

    33. This time all the good is replaced by evil.
    34. you started off life innocent but are now bitter.
    35. You cry
    36. and still more bad stuff happens.
    37. You pray for a god
    38. to understand you pain.
    39. and as a last ditch effort you call to anyone and anything...
    40. for peace.

    In short I believe this song is about our mistake and our human need to rid them self of the desire that causes pain in our lives.

    Also, to iChunes-
    I find it extremely interesting that you say you feel this way 80% of the time; because, 80% of the song is about suffering and the other 20% is about hope.
    Sterikicson February 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwaldemar, vnv is the opposite of what you are about.

    this song is about an inner struggle
    looking for peace from fear and anger
    Tolbyon March 12, 2007   Link

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