You know who built this house
and you know who will tear it down.
It broke the back of the trees in the forest.
It brought the rats to theor knees in the city.

You thought you were safe
you thought you were strong.
A kiss and a cough, now everyone's gone.

The anchor's away,
and the co-host's in crisis.
The mice they will play
while the loin's in stasis.
Everyone prays that the facts are to blame
When the TV goes off-
their make up remains.

Tenitus sets in.
The night is so young
but we're waiting for him.
The witness is singing
but we won't let her win.

This suit fits much to tight
still I'll wear it on my wedding night.
I'm in over my head in a shallow waterbed.

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    General CommentLike a lot of Les Savy Fav songs, this one is tricky, and I wouldn't be especially surprised if, even in Mr. Harrington's head, there isn't a single, firmly defined notion of what's going on. Essentially, it can be read as a collection of scenes on centered around the idea of aftermath, the moments following something genuinely moving or simply spectacular (in the Debordian sense). Judging by the marriage allusions in the closing lines, it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that "A kiss and a cough, now everyone's gone" refers to the feeling one feels post-wedding. Family have left, the ceremony is done, and someone you're suddenly and painfully alone. While profound in the moment, one is left with a bizarre notion of loneliness, as if the previous hours had just been a show, not unlike the sudden sensation felt by the TV personalities as "the TV goes off" and "their makeup remains." Ultimately, though, it's just the nature of life, of human contact and intimacy, Harrington intimates - his "suit", his prescribed place in the universe fits much too tight, but he has no choice, it's just the nature of the game. And while it's a reality that makes him feel "over [his] head in a shallow waterbed," it's not difficult to sense a ring of contentment in his voice. To put in the words of the Unicorns, "This is life, so we'll survive."
    conetoaster11on November 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThat was an excellent interpretation. You even worked a Unicorns reference in there. Nice. I have nothing to add. It think you've got some good ideas there. I just thought this song should have more than one comment, because it's a great song.
    yowza_beanon June 19, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think it's about a deadly virus being transmitted via human contact, and the sheer chaos that would ensue. + social statement.
    WhiteTideon August 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAlthough it may seem simplistic I personally feel that this is a song about true love. Understanding that ever song can be interpreted differently give me a chance to explain. (this could get lengthy)

    I think the first verse is defining and identifying love in terms of a god-like figure. Possibly saying that it is bigger than all of us. Its bigger than us to create love and bigger than us to destroy it. He further defines it by saying that it can be strong enough to break the strongest tree and move the smallest rat. By this I think he means to say that it can happen to anyone. Anyone can be powerfully in love and it can make them bend to its all encompassing power. people with strong wills and people with weaker wills.

    He supports this in the next verse by personalizing it to a lover he may have had. "you thought you were safe, you thought you were strong" he is again saying that love is bigger than the defenses we could ever put up around ourselves to avoid it. Making the next line sweepingly romantic. "a kiss and a cough now everyones gone" Here I think he is foreshadowing the wedding idea he uses, taking from the "in sickness and in in health" verse. By saying "everyone's gone" I think he is referring to the feeling of not being able to see the outside world when you are around the one you love.

    I dont have the energy to describe the next 2 verses especially when I think the really meaty stuff is at the end but when the next verses do start its almost like the floodgates have been blown off the song. Consider that in interpretation.

    The final lines are my favorite because they sound so negative when in fact I think they are very romantic. "this suit fits me much to tight, still I wear it on my wedding night" In my opinion he is saying that although his lover isnt perfect he is still willing to spend the rest of his life with her.

    "I'm in over my head in a shallow water bed" the use of a bed in this line is pivotal because the sharing of a bed is someting unique to couples. So saying that he is in over his head is reinforcing that love is bigger than him and putting himself in a shallow water bed he is identifying his lover as the water that fills up the bed. She may be shallow but that doesnt stop him from being head over heels in love.

    I guess I take away from this song that love doesnt have to make sense.
    Slanted1on October 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think I can explain the middle verses as well and if you agree with me or are curious send me an email asking me to. You all can see my email through my account information right?
    Slanted1on October 04, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"This suit fits much to tight
    still I'll wear it on my wedding night."

    I personally think he's talking about his human form/body. You're stuck with it... but what else will you be wearing on your wedding night?
    frazzlemanon October 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI always pretend the first part of this song is about Voldemort.
    MooRahRahBrookson February 07, 2009   Link

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