"Let You Down" as written by and Turner/maida/lanni/taggart....
Hey what do you see
Its not me not me
Why won't you share
It's not fair
There's a bicycle show
Where the bicycle's float
And I wouldn't of cared
I won't be the one who bothers you
I won't be the one who lets you down
Now that you're there
You're not scared
Why would you care
It's your dream
Not theirs
There's a cigarette thief stealing cigarette disease
I wish I was there

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"Let You Down" as written by

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    General CommentI've always loved the lyrics to this song, but I really have no clue what the mean.

    "why would you care, it's your dream, not theirs"
    OrangeSteamboaton July 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentSomeone told me that the meaning to this song was about suicide. the bicycle show part is like... all the people on the bicycles are dead, floating around. and he's got different tactics to get the friend to not commit suicide. trying the "oh go ahead; see if I care" method, and then "I won't let you down" method. and the person dies, and Raine's sayin "why would you care about being scared? It's your dream, not theirs. you can control it." and then he looks over and sees a thief stealing cigarettes, and he's killing himself with them. and Raine's just wishing he could save everyone. I have absolutely no idea if that is right, but that's what someone once told me.
    intellirockeron August 16, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI just don't like this song as much as the rest of the CD... even though the meaning and analizing that intellirocker wrote make the song a little bit senceable, but still... If I had a chioce of kicking out one song, this would be it. sorry OLP.
    TimBuck2on September 01, 2002   Link
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    General Comment'hey what do you see
    its not me not me
    why won't you share
    it's not fair.'

    I think it's about a friend, and his best friend has stumbled across a huge, once in a life time chance. So his best friend completely ignores him, involving himself wholly in whatever he's doing. The friend is asking why his best friend won't share his life wiht him anymore.

    'there's a bicycle show
    where the bicycle's float
    and I wouldn't of cared.'

    I think that line is saying the friend is so loyal, that
    something stupidly shallow (like gossip) wouldn't have torn them apart.

    'I won't be the one who bothers you
    I won't be the one who lets you down.'

    The friend is saying he'll gracefully step out of his best friend's life- he won't bother his best friend, and because he's not there, he also can't let him down.

    'now that you're there
    you're not scared
    why would you care
    it's your dream
    not theirs.'

    The friend hears that his best friend has his dreams chased down, and now that they've come to fruitation, his best friend is super confidant. So the friend is mentally asking himself why he had any doubts that his best friend was fine without him- why would his best friend have cared, or had problems?

    'there's a cigarette thief
    stealing cigarette disease
    I wish I was there.'

    Something happens to his best friend, and the friend wishes he were there, to offer support.
    _biggreenmonkey_on September 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentCould be wrong, but it feels like it's written from the POV of a person with low self-worth, and is currently depressed. Whose starting to feel they're simply a bother to people, and can't do anything right, and thus become a little quiet and more introverted. I think the first lines fit with that anyway, the person spending less time socializing and therefore not being seen or spoken too much.

    The "why won't you share?/it's not fair" sound like typical self-pity, whether they're just meaning about society itself, or a particular person whose brought a lot of misery towards them such as a sibling.

    At a guess, the slightly nonsensical bicycle lines, would be that the person's that miserable, even the impossible wouldn't interest him.

    I think the majority of the second paragraph is the person realizing who gives a damn if they bother people, they're not living to satisfy other people, he no longer cares.

    Don't have a clue about the last three though, maybe loosened up a bit, and want to live a bit more dangerously...
    Lonelyascanbeon May 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe Song has the same title as Three Days Grace's "Let You Down" ... Love OLP!!!
    ginger753357on January 26, 2006   Link

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