"One Tree Hill" as written by and Evans Hewson....
We turn away to face the cold, enduring chill
As the day begs the night for mercy love
The sun so bright it leaves no shadows
Only scars carved into stone
On the face of earth
The moon is up and over One Tree Hill
We see the sun go down in your eyes

You run like river, on like a sea
You run like a river runs to the sea

And in the world a heart of darkness
A fire zone
Where poets speak their heart
Then bleed for it
Jara sang, his song a weapon
In the hands of love
You know his blood still cries
From the ground

It runs like a river runs to the sea
It runs like a river to the sea

I don't believe in painted roses
Or bleeding hearts
While bullets rape the night of the merciful
I'll see you again
When the stars fall from the sky
And the moon has turned red
Over One Tree Hill

We run like a river
Run to the sea
We run like a river to the sea
And when it's raining
Raining hard
That's when the rain will
Break my heart

Raining, raining in the heart
Raining in your heart
Raining, raining to your heart
Raining, raining, raining
Raining to your heart
Raining, raining in your heart
Raining in your heart
To the sea

Oh great ocean
Oh great sea
Run to the ocean
Run to the sea

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"One Tree Hill" as written by Dave Evans Adam Clayton

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    General CommentThis reminds me of home (Auckland New Zealand) and about Greg Carroll who was the subject (a friend of Bono's who was killed by a drunk driver while running an errand for him in Dublin). So sad, so strong.
    jedon May 08, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"And in the world, a heart of darkness, a fire zone
    Where poets speak their heart, then bleed for it
    Jara sang, his song a weapon in the hands of love
    You know his blood still cries from the ground"

    while i'm not sure about the rest of this song, this verse refers to the corrupt government in chile. victor jara was a singer who spoke out against the government and was taken to the stadium to be publicly executed as a result.
    pianofireon October 06, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky
    And the moon has turned red over One Tree Hill

    this has strong reference to Revelations concerning the end of the 6000 year period and the second coming of Christ. At the time of his return it is said that the stars will fall from the sky and the moon turn red . . . events such as these will rush in the millenium or last thousand year reign of christ. At this time the first resurection will occur wear all those that have been deemed righteous will rise. This is in revelations and in ezekial of the old testemant. Anywho . . .

    It sounds as if Bono is saying that he will see his friend again at the time that christ reigns and the dead are resurected. Clearly he says it so much more poetic though . . .
    FightingLeeon January 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOne tree hill is a real place in New Zealand. It is a hill and it has one tree on it. Im not sure if it's there now because I believe someone tried to chop it down (didnt succeed straight away, but the tree may have died due to "injury" )
    werummon January 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn early July 1986, Greg Carroll, Bono's 26 yr old personal assistant and stage roadie collided with a car on Dublin's Morehampton Road while riding Bono's Harley Davidson, the band were devastated and flew out to New Zealand for Carroll's traditional Maori funeral, bono later claimed that thier grief over Carroll's death was why the cover of Joshua Tree featured the band in the desert, "that year really was a desert time for us" he said..One Tree Hill was dedicated to Greg Carroll
    amahonyon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBest song the world will ever know. Seriously. U2 at their best.
    EnduringChillon July 16, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is an incredibly pretty song. In my opinion, they should have included it on the Best of 1980-1990 album, but oh well. It's about losing somebody you love, and Bono was inspired to write it after his friend's death.
    U2aholicon July 06, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTHis would be a good eulogy song, I want it played at my funeral, (hopefully many years from now), but put it right after HOW GREAT THOU ART, and right before AMAZING GRACE
    BUCKPOONEon March 14, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song could have hundreds of meanings - seems to touch on many aspects of life/love/loss/ - For me, it is the best U2 song. I'm glad it doesn't get played much, to keep the sanctity of it. Again, another tremendously powerful song on the best U2 album - Unforgettable Fire.
    dizmarkon November 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWithout wanting to seem rude dizmark... but you should know your fav album a little better because One Tree Hill is off The Joshua Tree not Fire... :)
    Uncle Chop Chopon November 24, 2004   Link

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