"Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills" as written by and Vincent Paul/abbott Abbott....
I fucked your girlfriend last night.
While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love.
She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I
Smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate
Her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all
Over me, from forehead to ribcage I'd ripper her ass.
Sometimes I thought you might be spying, living out some
Brash fantasy, but no. You were knocked out. But we were
All knocked out you know. In a way

I serve too many masters.

We didn't know you'd break the bottle that the magic
Came in to use those jagged shards to slit our wrists
And neck. And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude.
But you wouldn't know what you were doing because
I didn't, your girlfriend could have been a burn
Victim, an amputee, a dead body. But god damn I wanted
To fuck.

I'm serving too many fucking masters.
[I told you. I told you motherfucker]

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"Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills" as written by Philip Anselmo Darrell Lance Abbott

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Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills song meanings
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    General CommentFUCK YOU and your college dream, Deep down STRONGER THAN ALL!!!!
    fallschirmjägeron April 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsomeone told me this song is about phil fuckin his friends girlfriend while he was fucked on heroin.
    WitnessTheEndon May 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthe first thing i thought of when i heard this song fucking a chick on heroin, its so low and the chorus of screams gives you the feeling that phil didnt really no what the fuck was going on at the time cuz he was to high
    clown137on November 08, 2004   Link
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    General Commenthonestly dont like down at all, id rather listen to vinnie and dime play but i couldn't listen to a pantera record without phil on vocals it just wouldn't be pantera it would suck... now as for the animosity towards either, fuck it that shits so stupid... i know for a fact if that crazy shit head wouldn't of shot dime, they would of became friends again and released a new pantera CD.
    oldskoolpunker23on April 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyou know that part where he screams 'I'm serving TOO MANY masters'?? it's just pure awsome
    pablogeneron March 12, 2013   Link
  • +1
    My Opinionit's all about my neighbors party every friday night!! the sucker organizes such a mess
    Im talkin of Villa Alemana, Chile, place forgotten by police
    fromchileon March 25, 2014   Link
  • +1
    My Opinionseriously, I think this is a song that, somehow is a joke , a way to transform into a song one night of alcohol, sex n ' drugs. Now, I don't think Phil've really fucked his friends gurls, but he is warning them !!
    fromchileon March 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentIt seems to state the obvious, but I wonder if it's entirely serious. Maybe it was just a song written to see the public's reactions... then again maybe Phil really did sleep with her from forehead to rib-cage. Meh.
    justinga3on August 15, 2002   Link
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    General CommentReally cool song... Kinda odd but good.
    JtKon June 12, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgreat fucking song...
    that should have slit their wrists and necks though.. :-)
    Ddaduttaon February 21, 2006   Link

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