"Subhuman" as written by Shirley Ann Manson, Bryan David Vig, Douglas Elwin Erickson and Steve W Marker....
Burn down all your idols, destroy your idols
Create a scene
There goes all your reason, it's helter skelter
It's not a dream

Come down from the altar, remove your blindfold
What do you see?
Nothing left to do here, there's nothing new here
It's all the same

You're going down, down, down, how low can you go? x3
Hare, Hare Krishna, was that your sister
A covergirl?
A wasted primadonna, she lost her way here

She disappeared
Come back to your altar, and build a fire
It's getting cold
Nothing stops the rain here, there's not a soul here

You're all alone
You're going down, down, down, how low can you go?
You're going down, down, down, how low can you go?
You're going down, down, down, how low can you go?

Here we go now
Build a new religion, no inhibition
No alibi
Televised confession, a true obsession

Is on the rise
Miscommunication, disinformation
A perfect waste
Bite the sacred apple

Suck the poison
Enjoy the taste
You're going down, down, down
How low can you go?

You're going down, down, down
How low can you go?
You're going down, down, down
You're going down, down, down

You're going down, down, down
How low can you go?
How low can you go?
How low can you go?

How low can you go?

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"Subhuman" as written by Shirley Ann Manson Douglas Elwin Erickson

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    General CommentWhat a f*ckin cool song. Saw them a couple of time in the 90's and they played it both times. I'm not really concerned with what it's about, it's just a damn good song. Shirley can get me as low as she wants!
    Met them all in a pub in Nottingham > I only recognised Butch Vig !!
    Stabbingwestwardguyon June 24, 2003   Link
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    General CommentCan anybody tell me where can I find cd's with songs not in their albums: garbage, version 2.0, beautiful garbage, bleed like me?

    in what album can I find this song dor example?
    vfobushon August 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti bought CD bootleg in Russia, its called: extraneous, its the best bootlegs i have ever had. 100% that u can find it on the net.

    I'm not good at this but I think she might be sining about how music became repeatative, how much copying there now. :)
    "Burn down all your idols Destroy your idols Create a scene There goes all your reason" | "You're going down, down, down, How low can you go?" | Come down from the altar Remove your blindfold What do you see Nothing left to do here There's nothing new here It's all the same".
    vadimoon January 08, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationSo many religious references here. The whole song sounds like a cult chant or mantra, and there are many obvious references to those things:

    "Burn down all your idols/Destroy your idols" - the very first line is obviously religious, suggesting some kind of chaos or even an apocalyptic scenario. Also sang in a chanting manner, with Shirley twice repeating "your idols".

    "It's helter skelter/It's not a dream" - the term "helter skelter" means "disorderly haste or confusion"; it's also a rough song by the Beatles, believed by Charles Manson (another cult reference) to have predicted an apocalyptic war between racist whites and non-whites.

    "Come down from the altar/Remove your blindfold/What do you see?" - maybe telling the blind followers of organized religion to open their minds and eyes to the actions of the church, and how they're contradictory to the Bible and the morals they teach.

    "Hare hare krishna/Was that your sister/A cover girl//A wasted primadonna/She lost her way here/She disappeared" - the Hare Krishna mantra, supposed to open the mind and achieve a higher conciousness; I like how she repeats "hare", like she's chanting. Also, the "wasted primadonna" part could be a Charles Manson reference (echoing the "helter skelter" lyric in the beginning), seeing as his cult murdered an actress. The Hare Krishna mantra was confused with the hippie culture of the '60s, the time the Manson cult was active, so the cult references seem to loosely tie together here. You also have to notice Shirley and Charles share the surname "Manson". Hmmm...

    "Come back to your altar/Build a fire" - burn the church?

    "Kill the new religion.../A televised confession.../It's all new lies", "Miscommunication/Misinformation/A perfect waste"- now the word "religion" is blatantly used, and not in a nice way. The "televised confession" makes me think televangelists, and how they use their influence and power to get money. They keep twisting the words of the Bible to their own advantage - "all new lies". The "Miscommunication" lyrics seem to repeat this thought.

    "Bite the sacred apple/And suck the poison/Enjoy the taste" - In the bible, Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and were doomed to death. This seems to be from an atheist's point of view, telling someone to live their life and enjoy it instead of depriving themselves for the sake of a higher being, which the atheist believes does not exist. But she sings it sort of mockingly, which makes me think it's kind of a backwards attack, telling the religious person(s) to just screw off.

    And then we have the chorus: "You're going down, down, down/How low can you go?" - I think that's self explanatory after all this.

    Maybe I'm way off, but just the way it's sang with such venom suggests something awful has happened or is imminent. I think the last verse is a good summary of the idea of the song: "Bite the sacred apple/And suck the poison/Enjoy the taste". I love this song.
    pleasebeatme92on February 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentHaving been heavily indoctrinated as a child and feeling brainwashed as a result has described a huge part of my life. It's far behind me now, but this song helps me vent a bit !
    xxwanderlustxxon March 20, 2010   Link

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