"In The Garden" as written by and V. Morrison....
The streets are always wet with rain
After a summer shower when I saw you standin'
In the garden in the garden wet with rain

You wiped the teardrops from your eye in sorrow
As we watched the petals fall down to the ground
And as I sat beside you I felt the
Great sadness that day in the garden

And then one day you came back home
You were a creature all in rapture
You had the key to your soul
And you did open that day you came back to the garden

The olden summer breeze was blowin' on your face
The light of God was shinin' on your countenance divine
And you were a violet color as you
Sat beside your father and your mother in the garden

The summer breeze was blowin' on your face
Within your violet you treasure your summery words
And as the shiver from my neck down to my spine
Ignited me in daylight and nature in the garden

And you went into a trance
Your childlike vision became so fine
And we heard the bells inside the church
We loved so much
And felt the presence of the youth of
Eternal summers in the garden

And as it touched your cheeks so lightly
Born again you were and blushed
And we touched each other lightly
And we felt the presence of the Christ
Within in our hearts
In the garden

And I turned to you and I said
No guru, no method, no teacher
Just you and I and nature
And the father in the garden

Listen no guru, no method, no teacher
Just you and I and nature
And the Father and the
Son and the Holy Ghost
In the garden, wet with rain
No guru, no method, no teacher
Just you and I and nature and the Father
And the Son and the Holy Ghost
In the garden, in the garden, wet with rain

No guru, no method, no teacher
Just you and I and nature
And the Father in the garden

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"In the Garden" as written by Van Morrison


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    My OpinionRecently saw Van perform his Astral Weeks concert in Chicago. He sang In the Garden just before performing his Astral Weeks album, and it was such a gorgeous prelude. The hush in the theater as Morrison and the brilliant musicians seemed to make the stage inhale and draw everything in was mesmerizing especially as he whispered into the microphone. I already loved this song, but truly fell hard for it that evening.

    And since this is suppose to be a site focused on the meaning of songs....I just want to note that the parallel drawn between religion and the relationship in this song adds such a feeling of reverence and purity to me.
    aKatB1on October 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is absolutely beautiful. Someone else please awknowledge this song!
    born to runon August 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBorntorun is right. Absolutely beautiful song.
    Boontjeon September 13, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation
    Obviously this song is about a soul that goes on to live a human life, then come back to the garden which could be the garden of eden or heaven , (a creature all in rapture) had the key to your soul and you did open, the violet color always means changes, so while the person was still sitting with mother and father, it was changing from human form, to it's original form of soul and spirit, and it goes on that nothing matters as long as you are protected in the arms of GOD. Just beautiful piano playing in this one in my opinion.
    DrRichardKimbleFanon October 31, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionWe've seen Van 3 time. Astral Weeks in Chicago was the last. Before that Montreux Jazz Fest with Patti LaBelle and Solomon Burke. And the 1st time? Auditorium Theater in Chicago for No Guru "tour". I think he did like 5 US dates with band and string quartet. I think of NGNMNT as Van's last Celtic Soul album and In The Garden as the functional title cut. This song is sublime. I will assume that it ties in to the tir na nOg legend. The idea of sacrificing enlightenment/heaven/oneness for the chance to be reunited with the object of our love - be it a person, family, a place - resurfaces numerous times in this period. Beautiful Vision to No Guru is, IMO, the best period of VM's career. And "In The Garden" is among the best of the best.
    SpittingLamaon July 29, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningThe lyrics communicate - quite clearly, IMO - the idea of grace. Grace is a concept that transcends - and possibly predates - Christian imagery in this tune. All the prayers, practice, rituals, incantations, and so forth are revealed of little use. Enlightenment has never been anywhere but in this moment. No guru, method, or teacher can bring you to where you already are. Yet a mere impression can trigger this realization...a memory of youth, the smell of a summer rain, a glimpse of the object of our love, etc... The lyric seems to indicate a separation followed by a reunion. The reunion leads to the grace of realization that the "the garden" is where one's love is...
    SpittingLamaon July 29, 2016   Link

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