Drains her fifth and spits out a greek translation. She slurs "how much more bullshit you got left? Cuz you been feeding me this crap about ‘free speech' and ‘thought-police' like I'm supposed to sit and swoon". It takes three more rounds till the subject changes and in that time she lays it down: "Fuck Larry Flynt and any campaign to silence women standing up and fighting back. And I fuck to cum, so don't lay your ‘repressed' shit on me. I fuck to cum. Fuck your blessed Trinity. I'm so sick of needle-dicks and (selective) first-amendments. I can out-think, out-drink, out-fuck-you-all so fuck your bullshit ‘femi-nazi' crap, no needle-dick's gonna silence me. I fuck to cum."

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    General CommentI found this link (youtube.com/…) and Chris says at the beginning "pro-feminist, pro-sex." So I began to look at the lyrics a little bit and started to think along those lines. I think what's being said here is that it's okay to stand up for women's rights, and it's okay to enjoy the act of sex. The problem is pornography. The idea that women should be subject to be sexual slave is one that is being criticized "Fuck Larry Flynt..." Larry Flynt being the publisher of the pornographic magazine "Hustler" as well as the "needle dick with (selective) first admendments"-he wanted the first admendment (free speech) to cover pornograph so that he could effectively "...silence women [from] standing up and fighting back." The other parts seem to yes be like in a bar (Hence "Ladies Nite In Loserville", many bars offer "ladies nites") and the one is there pissed off at the fact that this guy (or possibly these guys) keep trying to a) dance around the fact that they want sex and b) are trying to impress her. It's the same intent as the big, strong man thing, except in a different form. In this form women aren't in need of physical protection, but need to protect from the "bad men who want to use them for sex." But all these guys hide behind the veil of feminism(which it isn't) saying that to protect women is to be better. But instead of treating women like equals they treat them like inferiors. They want women who aren't able to fend for themselves at all and that's just as bad as Larry Flynt. It's a song about equality, true equality.
    babyevilchild999on March 31, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfuckin' amazing song about women's rights and pro-feminism!

    how come when a girl shas sex with guys she's a slut, but the guy is the man, or a playa!

    It's bullshit, "I fuck to cum", enough said!
    CanadianSKAon October 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentFeminism has an unfortunate tendency to villify all forms of sex and sexuality, when in reality it's the system that they're fighting against which has taken the natural act of fucking and made it dirty, shameful and hidden. If we were serious as a society about sexual equality, we'd be having some discussions about the role of sex in our lives, rather than ignoring the fact that it controls every factor of gender relations, whether we admit it or not.
    punkpirateon April 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentClearly the song is set in a bar - "drains her fifth" refers to her fifth drink, presumably, as it then counts how many more "rounds" (drinks each) the rest of the song takes place over ("It takes three more rounds till the subject changes and in that time she lays it down:")

    The song is written entirely from her words and the events of the song, so there's no reason given to believe that the writer's voice is in there at all. However, there's nothing to say that he's not using her words as his own voice.

    It seems that at the start of the song she's ripping into guys that memorise feminist rants and quotes and try to impress girls by using all the right words and talking about all the right things ("Cuz you been feeding me this crap ... like I'm supposed to sit and swoon)

    From that point onwards it gets a bit harder to interpret... The girl's trying to prove her credentials as a normal, non-repressed human being just like the guy's she's with ("I fuck to cum").

    I think the "I can out-think, out-drink..." line is just bravado because she's indignant at the subtle veneer of sexism creeping into the supposedly feminist discussion (the attitude of the men trying to impress her, presumably to get in her pants).

    The "I fuck to cum" may also be trying to point out that if the guys want to lay her then they're better off just saying it - they're under the impression that she's looking for some fairytale Mr. Right who's going to treat her like an angel, and all she really wants is to cum.

    As for the "Fuck Larry Flynt...", "I'm so sick of..." and"fuck your bullshit femi-nazi crap" lines, I'm not so sure how to read them... And I'm not entirely sure what she's referring to when she mentions the Trinity - she obviously isn't talking literally about the Doctrine of the Trinity in Christianity, she's using it as a metaphor, but I'm not sure what for.

    I don't get the impression that she's saying guys are inferior, but that's one possible interpretation.
    rogue_lettuceon January 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti like. and agree.
    bukowski_punkon May 01, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. "no needle-dick's gonna silence me."
    uncgurlon July 04, 2003   Link
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    General Commentpropagandhi are lovely as always. so pissed off =)
    kaysowon November 26, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'm not certain if this is pro-feminism ..
    Feminism has been given a pretty bad rap for some time and it is now often correltaed with crazy power hungry women .. I would say that this song while supporting a powerful female role is about equality .. men have more often than not been seen as the more 'animal instinct' based of the human species while women being the 'prim and proper' .. nonsense .. we are all animals and have animal instincts which we like to fulfill .. fucking feels good and neither a man or a women can deny that .. so if a man can fuck to cum so can a women .. equality for the masses and it the most honest fashion .. "We won't deny our cocks and cunts any longer!"
    thefooligan5on April 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthefooligan5, thank you! wow. my thoughts exactly. the term sexism has been skewed as only referring to men against women, when really, it goes for either against either. i, myself am for equality for all, not this modern idea of raising the suppressed above the suppressor, as thats not equality at all. i think thats what hes saying with "no needle dick can silence me" in that so many men call themselves feminists just to impress women and end up becoming sexist against themselves. so, "no needle dick can silence me" is saying that he wont go with the fad and be sexist against himself because he is about true equality, meaning equal rights and respect for men and women. although, thats just my opinion, not sure if its chris hannah's.
    Depth Sunon April 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentfirst line is:
    Drains her fifth and spits out a greek translation*.

    lyrics from the website have this in relation to above

    * graphos = graphic depiction, pornos = female sexual slave

    anyone get whats being implied there?

    "Pornography emphasizes sensation without feeling."
    taken from this article on me websearching 'graphos pornos':


    anyway what i get from the opening line is that 'she' has just had sex with 'he' (possibly the song writer?) and basically says how it meant nothing. was just purely a fuck, continuing she describes she thinks that; he thinks hes going to impress her with his rants of ‘free speech' and so on.
    without meaning to be too graphic do you think the "she drains her filth" bit is her taking a piss or cleaning her self out after sex??

    "so don't lay your repressed' shit on me. I fuck to cum."
    i imagine; maybe him asking her does she not think its more than just physical feeling with her reply the line above.

    "I'm so sick of needle-dicks and (selective) first-amendments."

    basically demeaning him (as a male) whos unsatisfactory to her both in bed and with his bullshit

    "I can out-think, out-drink, out-fuck-you-all so fuck your bullshit femi-nazi' crap, no needle-dick's gonna silence me. I fuck to cum."

    convinced men are inferior(whether she truly believes that or not), no guy she meets is going to make her fall in love!
    matdamcon November 23, 2006   Link

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