All right baby.
Gonna love ya.

When I was just a little boy,
About the age of five
I went to sleep,
I heard my mama and papa talking,
She said, "We got to stop that boy,
He's gettin too far out,
He's goin' wild yeah,
We gotta stop that child."

And I lay there listenin',
Feeling bad.
You know, people,
I was feeling bad.

Then my poppa started talkin'
He told that woman
Said, "He's got it in him, baby
He's got to do it
Got to get right on
He's got to doop, dop, dah."

And I felt good.
I felt so glad.
You know I started dancin'
In my bed, yeah, yeah come on.
Oww, come on.

Momma didn't like
The way I did my thing.
The old lady,
She didn't get with that thing.
But my daddy was a sailor,
Get his head around,
And he said,
"Boy you got to do it son,
Get yourself intact yeah."

Whoa, you got to feel
All right.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.

You got to love your baby tonight.
Love, love, you got to love your woman.
That's what I'm talkin' of.
You got to love, love, love
Love, love my baby tonight.

Now when I heard them talkin',
I felt real bad.
Then my daddy gonna tell her.
Yeah, don't son, don't you feel so sad.
Yeah, come on.

Everything's all right.
You know the world's okay.
You know that life's so great.
You know we have some fun,
Gonna have some fun tonight.
Yeah, come on.

Let me tell you, baby
About the death of rock.
I used to be a boy
In my home block.
Used to feel alone.
Then I heard some news.
Bunch of cats got
The rockin' news, yeah.

Now I'm all out by myself
Feel so good and I feel so bad.
Yeah, come on.
Yeah, right.
Yeah I feel so bad.
You know I feel all right.
You know I love my rock 'n' roll people,
You know we got some fun,
We gonna rock tonight, yeah.
Come on.

Well the girl next door
She took off her drawers.
You know down in the sewer
You know she took it off.
I was such a lad.
Well I went down south.
Yeah, bah, beep, bah, bah.
Yeah, come on.
Oh, rock.
Rock me, baby.
All night.
All day, yeah.
Rock me, baby.
Fuck my girl
At will.
Fuck my girl
At will.
Fuck my lady
She's gonna take a trip
Around the world.
Yeah, come on.

Rock and roll is dead.
Rock and roll is dead.
Rock and roll is dead.
Must be something else instead.
Rock and roll is dead.
Must be something else instead.

You gotta die for me baby.
You gotta die.
Gotta die.
You gotta die, baby.
Yeah, die for me child,
Got to dig, dah, dah, yeah.

Well that's all right folks.
Now we had a real good time
But it's gotta end.
Tell all your friends,
We're gonna have some rockin' tonight.
You gotta rock with me, baby.
Rock with me, baby.
You gotta rock with me, darling.
Die with me, babe.
You got to lay right down and
Die, die, die, die yeah.
It's all over, baby.
That's it.
We gotta go.
We had some good times
But it's gone.
It's all over.

Source: "Rock Is Dead" Studio Session - February 25, 1969

Lyrics submitted by yuri_sucupira

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