you're always there, inside my head..
infecting everything that i say & do..
worming your way inside my hopes & dreams..
but sometimes i just wish you would leave..

i always try to cross my i's & dot my t's..
but somehow i still end up with all these holes in my teeth..
you say that it's starting to not be fun anymore..
so now i just wonder how much longer we will endure..

(i really ruined you didn't i?..
i break everything that i touch..
i don't know why we had to die..
i didn't know it could hurt this much..)

but i have to stay alive to make you pay
for every little thing you've ever done to me..
even if it takes the hardest way..
i will make you open up your eyes & see..

but i have to stay alive to make you pay
for every little thing you've ever done...

(everything in my coming to a bitter end..
now i don't know what to do.. everything's getting all clogged up..)

i can't swallow the pill..
the charcoal is making me ill..
(the voices are becoming so shrill..)
i think i've finally had my fill..

i think i've finally lost my will..
if there's still anything left inside to kill..

i don't even know what i'm still doing here..
i guess that i will just stay, out of fear..

(because i don't know anything else... )

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