its not that i can't see..
past all these things in front of me..
its just not that easy..
when what you want is always going..then its gone..

i just wanted to talk again..
but you aren't even listening..
i wanted you to steal me away..
but instead, you're just running away..

hell hounds are nipping at me..
and i can't pretend to not to see..
what isn't there in front of me..
while my ankles are dangling down..

so much blood, for such a small person..
and the worst of the worst only keeps worsening..
holding the wound that you're still nursing..
corrupted souls bleed the reddest blood..

but everything good that i've ever had..
in my always taken away..
so this time, i won't let it happen..
no, not today. no, not in this way.

i wish that i didn't have such bad habits..
but its kinda hard, when we fuck each other like rabid rabbits..
and in the pit of my stomach; it makes me sick..
so i don't think any time soon i'm going to quit..

(now) crooked mirrors reflect all my shame..
and i've no one else but myself to blame..
i still nailed my foot to floor..
but now i've got nowhere else to go..

i'm a hallow scarecrow; gutted of all its straw..
through the hole where the mice got to gnaw..
i'm starting to look more & more like the monsters..
that i used to only just draw..

i'm pacing, a hole into the ground..
i'm listening, but i don't hear a sound..
curiosity always kills the cat..
but i can't make up for qualities that i lack..

you said, "you'd always be there until the end.."
but where were you when i needed a friend?..
you said living in the past could never last..
but i guess that i'm just living in my head again...

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