[Intro: Playboi Carti]

[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]
My iPhone white, and my bitch too
It's 6-7-8, who the fuck is you?
I'm all about my team, I'm all about this green
Serve a couple fiends, then we clear the scene
Baby buy the lean, your lady off a bean
She laying beside the G, she trying to let me squeeze
True Religion jeans, my Vans say Supreme
Her head game mean, just don't touch her weave
Fugazi ass niggas think they own shit
I'm trying to tell these niggas, bitch we been did it
Finger fuck the cunt, 10 racks a month
Smoking on this blunt, I ain't stressing nothing
If a opp pull me over, I'ma rob him up
Or duct tape his mouth, shut that nigga up
They lying about the streets, ain't seen you on the block
Keep talking like you bout it, we gone have to mob
Leave you boys bloody, you gone need a mop
She gone ride this dick, cause she know what I'm about
I got a pint of lean, Xans by the ounce
I keep this shit live, they say I run the South
They want that old Carti, fuck that old Carti
Bitch I glo'd up, tell my mom that I'm sorry
Bitch I'm in the rari, my lingo retarded
She tweaking off a molly, man come get your shawty

[Pre-Hook: Playboi Carti]
Xannies, Xannies leaning heavy
I can't stay steady
Kush coma, why you on that reggie?

[Hook: Playboi Carti] (x3)
Xannies, Xannies
Bitch I'm leaning heavy
Xannies, Xannies
Bitch I'm leaning heavy
Kush coma, kush coma, why you on that reggie?
Kush coma, kush coma, why you on that reggie?

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